What Does Grout Sealer Do in The Lakes, NV? Pros of Sealing Tile Floors, Showers & More

Thousands of magazines, bloggers, websites, and companies have founded their businesses all to help people keep their houses clean. Articles are written, products manufactured, interviews given, clients helped, and more all on tips, tricks, and help on the best way to clean all of the different areas of your house. One of the most impactful ways to make your home look clean is to keep your flooring clean. If you have tile you know how hard it can be to keep your grout clean. Tough Carpet Cleaning explores this topic further below.

Role of Grouting Material

Grout is the substance that holds your tile in place. When your tile is laid it is adhered to your floor and spacers are placed in between the tiles to keep the spaces between the tiles nice and even. Those spaces are then filled in with grout. Many tiles come with a protective sealant layer on them to help protect the tiles from being stained. Grout does not come with a sealer automatically but having a sealant put on your grout is a fantastic idea! Since grout is naturally porous it frequently collects debris. Staining on your grout can occur rather easily without a sealer on it. You can help your grout stay significantly cleaner simply by sealing it.

Sealing Grout on Floors, Backsplash & Showers etc

Sealing your grout is a relatively simple and inexpensive process that reaps large rewards. You can opt to seal your grout on your own. There are many products on the market that you can purchase. If you have large areas of tile sealing your grout can be physically demanding as you have to be on the ground for extended amounts of time to get all of the areas sealed. If you do not want to seal it yourself give Tough Carpet Cleaning a call. We can come out and seal your grout for you.

What Does Grout Sealer Do?

No homeowner wants to have the beautiful look of their tile tarnished with stains. If you seal your grout the sealant helps prevent debris from being absorbed and stains setting in. The sealing material makes it so that the surface of your grout will not be penetrated with dirt and grime. Having your grout sealed can also help mold from growing in your home. Mold frequently will grow around the grout in your tile. Grout sealer will help your grout stay nice and clean and prevent mold growth.

Pros of Sealing Grout

One of the largest advantages of sealing your grout is that it makes cleaning your grout significantly easier. Having a protective sealant layer on your grout reduces the time that it takes to clean your tile and grout by 50%. Heavy scrubbing can be avoided because the sealant makes the dirt and debris on your grout extremely easy to simply wipe away. No one has ever complained that cleaning their tile does not take as long after it has been properly sealed.

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In addition to sealing your grout we recommend having Tough Carpet Cleaning come out and clean your tile and grout routinely. Having a professional perform a deep cleaning of your tile and grout can revive the shine on the tile and brighten the grout. This will make it look better and increase the longevity of your flooring. Give us a call today to set up your cleaning!

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