How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts in Tuscany Village, NV & How Do I Know if My Ductwork Needs Cleaning Now?

Are you looking for ways to make your home a more healthy environment? When you want to create the healthiest environment for you and your family, there are many aspects you must keep in check. For example, you will want to maintain clean floors, carpet, rugs, upholstery and the air ducts. Yes, the air ducts. Most people tend to keep the inside of their home fairly clean. However, the air ducts are often the most neglected aspect of the home. Not only are air ducts the most neglected, but they greatly affect the quality of the home’s indoor air. If you want a healthy home you will want to maintain clean air ducts. This brings us to the next question. How often should you have your air duct cleaned? Tough Carpet Cleaning will share how often or when to have your air ducts cleaned.

How Often to Clean Air Ducts?

Air ducts should be cleaned about every five to eight years. By maintaining clean air ducts your home indoor air will be far more healthy. When the air ducts become full of dust and other contaminants they can be circulated into your home’s air each time the HVAC system runs a cycle. If the air ducts are always clean, nothing will infect your home’s indoor air.

How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

Even though you may have good intentions and you want to have your air ducts cleaned every five to eight years, often we simply forget to have them cleaned. However, your air ducts will often let you know when it is time to have them cleaned. Air ducts will give you some signs that they need to be cleaned. To begin, one of the first signs is illness. When a person suffers from allergies, asthma, or has other respiratory problems, often you will feel sick more often when the air ducts become dirty. Another common sign that your air ducts are dirty is dust. If your home is always dusty you may find the dust is coming out of your air ducts. When the air ducts have a lot of dust inside them, that dust will get blown out and through the vents and into the home. You may see dust along the air vents and registers when the dust gets really bad. Mold can also develop in the air ducts. Mold will make people feel very sick. Mold can sometimes be seen accumulating around the air vents as they blow through them. If you find a black dusty substance around your air ducts, that is mold. Another time you will want to consider having your air ducts cleaned is after major remodeling or renovations. Nothing stirs up and brings in more dirt and dust into your home and air ducts than a remodeling. These are some of the common signs and scenarios that calls for air duct cleaning.

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