Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips; How to Clean & Remove Easter Egg, Fabric, Hair & Other Dye Out of Carpets in Las Vegas, NV

With the Easter holiday recently passing with all the egg dyeing and decorating parties associated with it, we’ve had a few calls for carpet stain removal. But Easter egg dye isn’t the only dye spills we get called out to remove. Kids (and adults) doing tie dye t-shirts and crafts in general plus people trying…

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Are Carpet Cleaning Products & Chemicals Safe or Harmful for Baby in Henderson, NV? Carpet Cleaners Remove Dirt, Pests, Allergens & More!

When you have a new baby in your home the first thing that you do is to clean, clean, clean. The cleaning is done to try and do what you can to keep the baby healthy. Clothes are washed, counters wiped down and everything else disinfected. These are all great ways to get a home…

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How to Get Dried Easter Chocolate Stains Out of Carpet in North Las Vegas, NV Using Different Stain Removal Methods

Easter time is the time of renewal where we enjoy the holiday season which brings out many traditions with all of the great holiday food and yes, the all important chocolate. We give chocolate to our little ones in their Easter baskets. Most of us know they rip right into them while they wait for…

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