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When you have a new baby in your home the first thing that you do is to clean, clean, clean. The cleaning is done to try and do what you can to keep the baby healthy. Clothes are washed, counters wiped down and everything else disinfected. These are all great ways to get a home ready for a new baby but one area that is missed often is the carpets. The carpets seem to be overlooked or skipped on purpose. There are still a stigmatism that carpet cleaning solutions are not safe to use when you have a new baby. The cleaning solutions that were used long ago had more chemicals. The chemicals would cause a small baby to break out in hives, or get an upset stomach if they spent too much time on freshly cleaned carpets. The thought behind green and environmentally friendly cleaners were not as big of a deal as they are now. Most companies now try to do all they can to be as green and ecofriendly as possible. That means that the cleaners that are used are better for the environment and more natural. Another advancement that has made carpet cleaning safe around babies is the equipment that is used. We are able to extract much more of the water, dirt and cleaning solutions with our powerful truck mounted machines.

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Germs Live On Carpets: When it comes to germs most people think that the hard surfaces are the only areas that germs can live. The germs that cause the cold and flu are a huge problem. Not only a problem for adults but even harder on a new baby. When a new person comes to your house the first thing you do is ask them to clean their hands. That is also to remove germs. The bacteria that causes these illnesses can live on the carpets in your home for almost a month. That means that if you have had anyone in the home up to a month prior to your babies arrival you could be covered in germs. When the carpet cleaning company comes out they will treat the carpets and remove the dirt, debris and germs that often are living on the carpets.
Carpet Beetles & Dust Mites: Pests are a real issue and no one wants to have them in their home. You never want to leave your baby in a place that pests might be. That is why you need to know about the pests that live on carpets. Carpet beetles live and feed on carpets and are found in many homes. Another small microscopic pest that is a concern are dust mites. They live in the air and will land on the carpets. They can be removed when the carpet cleaning company comes out to clean the carpets. The commercial suction is enough to get the pests off the carpet.

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