How to Clean, Protect & Extend the Life of Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas of Your Summerlin, NV Home

It is no secret that the more something is used and abused the quicker it will wear out. Carpet is no different; as people traverse and lounge on the carpet, your carpet is already enduring deterioration. Add pets, stains, and other forms of encounters and now the carpets deterioration is increasing. The good news, like…

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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Las Vegas, NV; Fast Spill Cleanup Procedure, Test Carpet Cleaners First & More

If you have carpeting in your home, it can really take a beating. It will endure spills, dirt and mud, and a myriad of other stain causing situations. In order to keep your carpets looking presentable, you have to maintain them. This includes doing some self-cleaning every now and then. Tough Carpet Cleaning would like…

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