How to Remove Old, Dried Red Kool Aid Spills & Hard Sticky Candy Stains from Carpet in Paradise, NV

Kool Aid is a common drink kids indulge in year-round. Whether the kids enjoy a sugary delight or one of the adults enjoy the tasty beverage, Kool Aid is a common drink that spills on the carpets. When the spill occurs, the bright red, purple, or even orange stains can be devastatingly alarming. These spots…

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How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Work to Improve Indoor Air Quality & More in Summerlin West, NV?

Especially if they are high quality, carpets are an investment for any homeowner. There are many steps recommended by industry and manufacturing experts when it comes to protecting the performance, aesthetics and longevity of the carpets. Among the primary contributors, daily vacuuming, odor control, preventative treatments, and professional cleaning. The importance of professional carpet cleaning…

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