How to Remove Pet Stains in Silverado Ranch, NV; Training to Prevent Accidents, Professional Carpet Cleaning & More

Millions of families across the country have one or more pet. They welcome their pets into homes as a beloved member of their family. Pets offer companionship, fun, and safety to their owners. As a pet owner there are many different things you need to do to keep your pet healthy. You will also need…

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Carpet Stain Removal Mistakes to Avoid in Seven Hills, NV; Do Not Scrub Stains, Never Use Hot Water & More

There are many tips and recommendations for removing a number of stains and spots from the carpets. Most home remedies are effective, and there are some more stubborn than others that require an expert. Where most guides are to help you remove the stain, they only briefly touch on steps to avoid, if at all.…

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Water Heater Floods in Rhodes Ranch, NV; Stop Leak, Extract Water from Carpets, Dry, Clean, Deodorize & More

Every homeowner hopes their home operates like it is supposed to. Unfortunately, this is just simply not realistic. Even if we do our best to maintain our home on a regular basis, life still happens. Appliances break. Floods pour down rain. Stains happen. Kids spill. And so much more. Today Tough Carpet Cleaning wants to…

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