Carpet Stain Removal Mistakes to Avoid in Seven Hills, NV; Do Not Scrub Stains, Never Use Hot Water & More

There are many tips and recommendations for removing a number of stains and spots from the carpets. Most home remedies are effective, and there are some more stubborn than others that require an expert. Where most guides are to help you remove the stain, they only briefly touch on steps to avoid, if at all. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the biggest steps to avoid when it comes to treating spots and stains from your carpet.

Do Not Scrub Carpet Stains

It is a natural impulse to attack stains and spots when trying to erase them from the carpet’s surface. Vigorously rubbing and scrubbing stains only make the situation worse. The pressure and motion spread the substance out further and deeper into the carpets. When addressing the spot or stain from the carpet, be sure to only blot, starting on the exterior of the stain and work your way to the center. Blotting removes the stain and starting at the perimeter and going inward helps you control the substance.

Never Use Hot Water to Treat Carpet Stains

Water is a prime ingredient in many treatments to remove a stain or spot on the carpet. Some suggest using cool water, others recommend warm water. In any case, you should never use hot water. Like putting a stained article of clothing in the dryer or washing it in hot water, the heat sets in the stain. This makes it near impossible to remove. Stay away from the hot water when treating your carpet.

Skipping the Patch Test is a Mistake

The patch test is an essential step, even if you have used a cleaner or remedy in the past, you want to ensure your carpet is not compromised. Where it is more common for chemicals to lighten carpets, some can destroy the fibers. Be sure to select an area in an inconspicuous area, such as in the corner or along the wall next or even furniture.

Don’t Use Dyed or Printed Cleaning Paraphernalia

The towels, cloths, scrubbing pads, rags, and paper towels all should be plain white. Using any dyed or printed cleaning aids can be easily transferred to the carpet you are trying to treat, causing stains to layer up. When you clean the area, be sure to only use plain white cleaning paraphernalia.

Oversaturating Carpet Stain

More often than not, the substance that has been spilled are moisture based. The cleaning solution is also a liquid and it often takes repetitive steps to completely remove a stain. With all of this moisture, oversaturation is highly likely. Water damage can expedite the deterioration of the carpet, carpet pad, and subfloor in addition to offering ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth beneath the surface. When treating spots and stain, use paper towels to blot excess moisture and during the process, have dry cloths, paper towels or rags on standby to blot out excess moisture in between applications to prevent oversaturating.

Always Rinse & Dry After Carpet Stain has Been Removed

Once the stain is removed, you are not done. You need to ensure the residue cleaners are rinsed away, otherwise; dirt can be attracted to the spot. Be sure to follow up with a water dampen cloth to blot the surface. Dry the area as much as possible. The best way is to blot with dry cloth. Afterwards, place a dry, clean towel on the surface and weight it down. In the morning, make sure the area is dry and vacuum.

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Treating the carpet stains is a lot trickier than people think. When you need carpets cleaned and stains addressed, call Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our experts assist you!

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