How Do You Clean Carpeting to Get Old Dried Rust Stains Out of Carpet & Area Rugs in Spring Valley, NV?

Rust stains are common and can show up anywhere, even on carpets, and when they do, they are a complete eyesore. Rust stains are notorious for being challenging to remove, but if it not treated properly, rust stains can cause damage to the carpeting as well. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to…

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What is the Most Effective Carpet Care Methods in Paradise, NV? Vacuuming Daily, Steam Cleaning Carpets & More

On a daily basis, your carpets see a lot of action from bare feet, shoes, kids, pets, food, and everything else that you might track into your home. Your carpets take the brunt of all of the living that happens even if you don’t notice. Especially if they don’t “look” dirty, you may not realize…

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