Area Rug Cleaning in Summerlin, NV; How to Clean & Care for Rugs By Vacuuming, Removing Stains & More

When compared to carpets in the home area rugs are very similar though different. Requiring special care, area rugs offer unique patterns, texture, and color to your designs to any room. With all of this in mind, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some of the basics regarding cleaning, maintenance, and spot…

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Soil Filtration Carpet Cleaner in Henderson, NV; How to Prevent Filtration Soiling & Clean Dark Edges

Have you noticed the edges of your carpet getting dark? These dark lines are called “filtration lines” and can be found next to walls, on staircases and under registers. The reason these lines form is because your carpet is a filter. Homes are built airtight and because air is constantly flowing, it needs a place…

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