How to Clean & Get Lipstick Stains Out of Carpet, Area Rugs & Upholstery in North Las Vegas, NV

Kids look up to their parents in so many different ways. They try to imitate their parents on a regular basis. Sometimes we are thrilled when they imitate our actions. Other times their excitement to act just like us can be so frustrating. There are things they want to do that they are simply not capable of doing. One thing that can be extremely maddening is when your kids get into your make-up. Unfortunately this happens on a regular basis. When young children get into make-up they frequently end up staining your carpet or furniture. What do you do if your child gets into your make-up and makes a gigantic mess? First you have to carefully clean up everything. Then you can begin to assess the damage that has been done. During this phase you may notice that your child has gotten lipstick on your carpet. The anger that you may feel over this is hard to move past. Tough Carpet Cleaning has good news for you though. You CAN get the lipstick out of your carpet. We are going to give you some steps to follow to help you get rid of the lipstick stain. The first thing that you want to do is remove any pieces of lipstick that you can from the affected area. Use tweezers to lift any larger chunks of the lipstick off of the carpet. If you are patient you will be surprised at how much you can get out of your carpet with tweezers. After you have removed everything that you can you will want to try these other methods.

Method #1 to Remove Lipstick from Carpet

Our first method requires Goo Gone, a white cloth, dish soap, and fabric cleaner. Spray Goo Gone onto the lipstick stain. Put the white cloth on top of the Goo Gone and press it into the carpet. As you watch the white cloth you will see that the lipstick will start of seep into the cloth. After the lipstick is no longer seeping onto the cloth. Remove the cloth. Then mix ¼ cup of dish soap with warm water and fabric cleaner. Get a new cloth and soak it in this solution. Blot the stain with this cloth. This should life the stain completely off of your carpet.

Method #2 for Removing Lipstick Out of Carpet

For this method you will want to get some rubbing alcohol and a plain white cloth. Pour some rubbing alcohol onto your white cloth. Blot the stained area. Gently press down without wiping or rubbing the stained area. Life up the white cloth and see if the lipstick tint has transferred onto white cloth. If it has pour rubbing alcohol on a clean area of the cloth and repeat the process until you no longer get any lipstick tint on your cloth. Rubbing alcohol may life the dye out of some carpet materials. Test this method in an inconspicuous spot before you try it in a noticeable area. If the dye in your carpet is not affected by the rubbing alcohol continue on with this method.

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If these two methods do not fully get the lipstick stain out of your carpet, then call Tough Carpet Cleaning. We will come out and use our expertise and tools to get your carpet nice and clean again.

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