How to Prolong Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Whitney, NV; Vacuum Carpets, Entry Mats & More

Managing a commercial building can be a big job. There are several systems and other areas that are going to need attention to keep everything running. One area that is always a big focus for commercial properties is the flooring. If you have commercial carpet in your building, you want to make sure you aren’t…

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How to Remove Wicking Carpet Stains that Keep Coming Back in Las Vegas, NV; Steam Carpet Cleaning & More

Thinking you have succeeded, only to find has manifested a little while later can be frustrating to feverishly work on removing a stain. This phenomenon commonly shows the persistent spots due something called wicking. With this in mind, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share wicking involvement with why carpet stains return. Why…

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