Can You Save Soaked Area Rugs in Centennial, NV? Flooded Rug Drying, Cleaning, Deodorizing & More

You must do the best you can to manage the wet area rug if in the event your rug has become sopping wet from a leaking roof, plumbing problems, or as a result of other catastrophes. Generally, when the rug gets soaked, your priority is to address the excess liquids, even though the water and the rug are dirty. With this in mind, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss how you should handle your soaked rug.

How Do You Handle Flooded Area Rugs?

1) The best approach to allow the floor underneath to dry out is removing the area rug completely if in the event the floor has been saturated. Because it will do more damage to the rug itself and the floor surface beneath, never allow the wet area rug to sit on the floor for a long period of time.
2) A concrete patio or even a sidewalk are an ideal place to set the rug, or even a wooden deck is possible would work. Use it to squeegee out the water, pushing in the direction of the pile if in the event you have a squeegee on a long handle. You can use the back of a heavy garden rake as a substitute for a squeegee in a pinch. Get as much water out of the rug as possible. You can pull as much water as you can from the rug as you may vacuum it with a Shop Vac or other wet-or-dry type vacuum, if in the event you cannot get the rug to a flat, outdoor surface.
3) The rug is still damp but no longer sopping wet at this point. In any case, you want to finish drying it in any way you can. You can dry it in the sun if you are experiencing food weather. In order to let air, circulate around it, if necessary, dry it indoors in a warm room if you have no other option. A fan or fans trained on the rug will help.
4) You may now roll the rug without folding it and stand it on end following the squeegeeing or vacuuming it. As soon as possible, you need to have the rug cleaned professionally. This will ensure your rug does not develop mildew and mold. When you have experienced a more extensive water damage situation, you need to rely on their expert advice to properly care for your area rug.

DIY VS Professional Carpet Care

Being just as important to have professionally cleaned annually as the carpets, your rugs need attention, even if you do not have an issue with a soaked rug. Rugs placed in high traffic areas need a deep professional cleaning especially, because they endure heavy abuse. In addition to contributing to accelerating the deterioration of your rugs, the dirt, grit, contaminates, pollutants, grime, and allergens that buildup impacts the indoor air quality.

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