Pros of Upholstery Cleaning in Summerlin, NV; Clean Couch, Remove Sofa Stains, Neutralize Odors & More

Your upholstery to the furniture in your home or business is extremely important to keep clean. Whenever the notion strikes, you wipe it down, or run the vacuum hose over in an effort to keep it clean. But like so many things, like the carpet for example, a surface cleaning isn’t nearly good enough. Every…

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Tile & Grout Steam Cleaning North Las Vegas, NV; Professionals Use Best Cleaners, Help Prevent Mildew & More

Keeping tile and grout clean is difficult. The job gets even more difficult in damp environments. To make sure your tiles and grout will last, it’s important to take care of it. Repairs can be costly and will cost money if you do not take good care of them. Below, Tough Carpet Cleaning outlines some…

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