Is it Really Necessary to Seal Grout in Henderson, NV? Benefits of Professional Grout Cleaning, Sealing & More

When cleaning and maintaining your home, one of the areas most often overlooked is the flooring. Your tiled floors require some attention to keep them well maintained and preserved. The key to tiled flooring is the grout. Grout joins the seams between the tiles and gives your flooring a cohesive appearance. Most flooring contains one…

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Will Popsicle Stains Come Out of Carpets in Spring Valley, NV? How Do I Clean & Remove this Colorful Stain?

The summertime is the season for the refreshing cool treat, no matter if you have children, or your inner child craves a popsicle. Especially with quick action, you beat these stains, these little popsicle stains on your carpet are not too labor intensive where these spots on your carpet can be unsightly and even cringe…

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What Causes Carpets to Get Dirty in Paradise, NV; Carpet Cleaning to Remove Spills, Foot Traffic & More

Carpets can significantly impact the look of your home. When they are clean and pristine, the carpets are ideal, however, the dust collection and an unhealthy home can really drop the aesthetics. In order to keep them at bay, everyone should be aware of the common enemies of carpet. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning…

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