How to Remove Old, Dried Red Kool Aid Spills & Hard Sticky Candy Stains from Carpet in Paradise, NV

Kool Aid is a common drink kids indulge in year-round. Whether the kids enjoy a sugary delight or one of the adults enjoy the tasty beverage, Kool Aid is a common drink that spills on the carpets. When the spill occurs, the bright red, purple, or even orange stains can be devastatingly alarming. These spots can be challenging to remove, especially the longer they set in. Additionally, hard candy can easily find there way stuck to carpet, because kids who enjoy Kool aid also enjoy candy. To help you remove these possible eyesores, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to share a Kool Aid carpet stain removing as well as candy removal.

How to Get Old Kool Aid Stains Out of Carpet

1) Blot an no scrubbing. When Kool-Aid spills occur, it is important to act quickly. With paper towels or a clean cloth towel, blot up as much of the Kool-Aid as you can. The idea is to keep the Kool-Aid from soaking into the carpet without rubbing it in, so make sure you blot without scrubbing.
2) Warm water mild dish soap. With ½ teaspoon of mild liquid dish soap and 1 cup of warm water, combine well. Apply the dish soap cleaning solution directly onto the Kool-Aid stain with a clean white or lightly colored dishcloth. Using a light cloth can help you see how much of the Kool-Aid is being absorbed from your carpet.
3) Soaking up the Kool aid. Start blotting the stain working from the outside in, do not soak the cloth, just dampen it with the solution. Onto other areas of the carpet, over soaking the cloth can spread the stain. You are not picking up any more Kool-Aid onto your clean cloth, continue until the stain is gone.
4) Vinegar & water. Mix 2 cups of warm water with 1 cup of white vinegar if you can still see the Kool-Aid stain.
5) Repeat Blotting. Repeat blotting the stain using this white vinegar solution and a clean white cloth.
6) Administer cold water and rinse. Apply cold water directly to the stain to rinse the carpet, once the Kool-Aid stain is no longer visible.
7) Let carpet dry. Until the carpet is dry, blot up any remaining moisture and avoid stepping on the affected.

How to Remove Sticky Taffy & Hard Candy from Carpet

1) With cold water, begin moistening the hard candy. This loosens the bond to the carpet, as it dissolves the sugars. Pull the large pieces of candy out of the carpet once it is dissolved enough to loosen. Scrape the candy off of the fibers with a spoon if needed.
2) Any stains that remain on the carpet can be removed applying a stain remover. Keep in mind, carpet removers with pet enzymes are especially effective.
3) Stain remover should be blotted with a clean cloth along with the stain. To avoid reapplying the stain, switch to a clean portion of the cloth frequently.
4) If the stain persists, blot the area with a cloth moistened with white vinegar.
5) Blot the area with a clean cloth moistened with plain water to rinse once the stain is removed.
6) Remove any excess moisture and blot with a dry cloth.
7) Be sure the area is completely dry.

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