How to Clean, Protect & Extend the Life of Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas of Your Summerlin, NV Home

It is no secret that the more something is used and abused the quicker it will wear out. Carpet is no different; as people traverse and lounge on the carpet, your carpet is already enduring deterioration. Add pets, stains, and other forms of encounters and now the carpets deterioration is increasing. The good news, like with most things, with proper care, maintenance, and treatments, your carpets lifespan can meet and even surpass the projected expectancy! Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to suggest some tips and advice on how you can extend the life of your carpet to enjoy the investment for years to come.

How to Protect & Extend the Life of Your Carpet in High Traffic Areas

1) Added Carpet Protection. Carpets can be better preserved by taking some considerations into protecting the carpet. Carpet pads, walk-off mats, runner rugs, and area rugs can help keep your carpet in optimal condition. However, ensure walk-off mats, runner rugs, and area rugs are routinely cleaned.
– Carpet pads are the layer between the subfloor and carpet. You have choices when it comes to the pad and investing in a high quality pad can significantly reduce the deterioration and add extra comfort the kids lounging on the floor.
– Walk-off mats placed at the exterior entry points as well as the interior can dramatically decrease the amount of dirt, debris, and contaminates that are often tracked in on shoe treads and pet paws. The exterior mat should be strong, moisture absorbent, and have enough abrasion to knock off the majority of the filth. Interior mats equipped with rubber backing and equally water absorbent can collect the remaining residues.
– Area rugs and runner rugs down hallways and staircases protect the fibers from wear. The better the quality of the rugs the better protection it can offer.
2) Daily Carpet Cleaning & Vacuuming. Carpets, especially the high traffic areas need to be vacuumed on a regularly basis. Once a day is optimal, more so in extremely high traffic areas, and in rooms that are rarely used, those carpets can go a couple days in between if time is an issue. The primary goal is keeping the dirt and debris from penetrating deep under the fibers. With the friction caused from activity, like walking, the dirt and granules cause a sanding-like effect, which expedites the deterioration of carpets from the bottom up. Keeping the pet hair, dirt, and other particulates off the carpet not only slows the wear and tear, but it keeps it aesthetically pleasing.
– Spot clean the occasional stains as quickly as possible. Removing the stains as they occur can help lift them as quickly as possible.
– Keeping your vacuum operating at peak performance is equally important as keeping the carpets in pristine condition. The vacuum brush needs to be clear of hair and threads, air filter cleaned, and dirt container needs to be cleaned out often.
3) Other Carpet Care Tips. Keeping on top of the fray, treatments, controlling foot patterns, and reducing fading can contribute to the overall condition of your carpet.
– In the event that the carpets fibers start to fray and fringe, resist the urge to rip them off, and use well sharpened scissors to remove it.
– Treatments provide extra care. With the different treatments available, you can get your carpets stain resistance and static guard for example, to help them look clean and meticulous for years.
– Controlling the foot patterns is done while rearranging furniture and by doing so, you spare the carpets from being crushed for overly long and suffering permanent damage.
– Carpets fade and dry out by over exposure to direct sunlight. Windows that allow the sun to shine through should be covered with blinds, curtains, or drapes.
4) Professional Carpet Cleaning. At least once a year, you should treat your carpets to a deep professional carpet cleaning, even if the carpets don’t appear dirty. Controlling the volume of filth that falls below the surface, along with extracting the stains, and odors will keep your carpets looking great and contribute to improving the indoor air quality of your home.

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