How to Get Dried Easter Chocolate Stains Out of Carpet in North Las Vegas, NV Using Different Stain Removal Methods

Easter time is the time of renewal where we enjoy the holiday season which brings out many traditions with all of the great holiday food and yes, the all important chocolate. We give chocolate to our little ones in their Easter baskets. Most of us know they rip right into them while they wait for the great hunt. However, during this time of excitement, accidents occur and at times, you will find melted chocolate or smears all over your carpet. No worries. Tough Carpet Cleaning will share how you can save your carpet and remove these nasty stains.

Removing Chocolate Stains from Carpet Using Iron

There are several ways you can tackle chocolate stains. If you encounter a dried piece of chocolate that is stuck to your carpet, you will first want to scrape off as much of the chocolate as possible from off of the fibers. After you have scraped all of the chocolate off, vacuum it all up. Now you can deal with the stain. Cover the chocolate stain with a paper towel and use a clothes iron, but don’t put it on the steam setting. Instead, put it the lowest setting and gently press down on the paper towel. This should help remove most of the chocolate from off of the carpet. Continue to use clean paper towels and the iron until most of the chocolate is gone. Use soapy water and a cloth and then blot at the remainder of the stain until it is gone.

How to Get Chocolate Out of Carpet Using Detergent

If you want to avoid using the iron on your carpets, here is another alternative. Once again, if the chocolate is dried, scrape it off and vacuum it all up. If the chocolate is fresh, carefully remove as much of it with a paper towel as you can. Try avoiding smearing it or you will need to deal with a larger stain. Next, mix together one cup of water about room temperature and ¼ tsp of white laundry detergent. Then pour the mixture onto the stain with a white cloth. Blot at the stain until the chocolate is gone. When blotting start on the outer edges of the stain and work your way inward. This should prevent the stain from spreading. You can use another dry white cloth to help absorb the moisture out of the carpet. Some people find that liquid dish soap works better than laundry detergent. You can instead use a ¼ tsp of dish soap if you prefer. Both seem to do the job.

General Stain Removal Tips

There a few rules to always remember when cleaning any stain off of carpets. Always use white cloth or paper towel; this will help prevent the dye on the cloth or paper towel from spreading onto your carpet or discoloring it. Another important rule is to never scrub at a stain but instead blot. Again in most cases scrubbing at a stain causes it to spread and makes a larger area for you to clean.

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Tough Carpet Cleaning wants everyone prepared this coming Easter season and be ready to save their carpet from the nasty stains from chocolate and such. Tough Carpet Cleaning provides a wide range of services. If you find that you’re in need of our services, contact Tough Carpet Cleaning today.

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