Can Carpets with Mold Be Saved in Silverado Ranch, NV; Cleaning Carpet to Remove Musty Odor, Dampness & More

Water damage in your home can be costly. This is especially true if you aren’t able to get your home dried out quickly. One of the most common problems that is associated with water damage is mold growth. Most homeowners don’t want to think that mold is growing anywhere in their home. Mold growth can be difficult to remove and a health hazard to anyone living in the home. Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about some of the signs that mold is growing in your carpet.

Signs Mold is Growing in Your Carpet

Sometimes, when you have water damage in your home, the carpet is the first place that mold can start to grow and thrive. This makes it incredibly important that you know what the signs of mold growth are.
– Odor: For most people, one of the first things that tips them off to mold growth is the smell. It is hard to mistake that musky smell that is associated with mold growth. The problem often is that when you spend most of your time in the home, you don’t’ notice that the odor starts to present itself as the process can be slow. You may have to see if someone can come visit your home to get a sense of whether or not your home smells musty and mold is growing.
– Discoloration: If there is mold growing on your carpet, there will more than likely be some discoloration present as well. This could be different colors including white, black or even green splotches of discolored carpet. Anytime you notice that the carpet doesn’t look quite right, you need to have it checked to make sure it isn’t mold growth.
– Dampness: You shouldn’t ever feel your carpet and think that it feels damp. If you do, the humidity is too high in your home. Keeping your home from becoming too humid is important when talking about mold growth. Humid conditions make your home the perfect place for mold to not only grow but to thrive as well.
– Health Symptoms: There are many people that struggle with health symptoms when mold is in the picture. This could include symptoms that resemble a bad color or bad allergies. If these symptoms persist no matter what treatment you try, you should be considering that it could be mold. Much of the time, if you are dealing with mold, there are other signs that are present along with the health symptoms. Those that are super young or elderly are often at a higher risk of health symptoms due to mold exposure.

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Anytime you have water damage in your home, you need to turn to carpet cleaning specialists like the ones at Tough Carpet Cleaning to ensure your carpet gets dried out properly. This will help you avoid any mold growth in your carpet and will keep your home a healthy place to live. Call us today!

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