Upholstery Microfiber & Fabric Grade Cleaning Codes for Sofas, Couches & More in Aliante, NV

The fabrics used for upholstery cannot all be cleaned and treated the same. There are different ways the upholstery needs to be cleaned, which indicated on the label. Taking the time to read the tag and learn how to clean the upholstery and what to avoid is the best way to ensure the proper care. The label is printed on the upholstery, for example, the label for the sofa’s upholstery is typically located on one of the cushions. However, once you find the label, you will likely see codes that have S, W, SW, or X. If the label is missing from your upholstered furniture, you can look up the piece according to the manufacturer online, and find the code that way. But after learning which code is on the upholstery in your home, know what to do next can leave you guessing. We at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share what the cleaning codes indicate.

Cleaning Codes for Fabric Upholstery

“X”: If you have upholstery that displays an “X” code on the label, do not do any other cleaning other than gently vacuuming; let the professionals clean and remove any spots as needed. However, the X” code is extremely rare on upholstery and is typically found on fabric-made shades and blinds.
“S/W”: A combination of dry cleaning solvents and water can be used to clean upholstery with the code “S/W”. It is encouraged you allow a professional to clean the upholstery because the in order to achieve the ultimate level of clean, remove the stains, and neutralize the odors often requires specific applications of dry solvents and wet techniques. To reduce the need for professional cleaning and to preserve the lifespan and vibrant colors, place the furniture in a place where it won’t be used much, vacuum the dust regularly, and immediately clean up any accidental spills. Use a dry cleaning solvent to treat stains if you insist on doing it yourself.
“S”: Never use water or cleaners to treat spots or stains with upholstery marked with an “S” as it is not moisture friendly. Dry cleaning solvent or a cleaning solvent is needed. Though it is recommended you enlist the aid of a professional to clean these upholstered furnishings. If you choose to do it yourself, the dry cleaning solvents can typically be found in most home improvement stores or department stores. Always read and follow the directions as some solvents require you to use a blow dryer to dry the area or otherwise a ring can develop. To keep this upholstery in optimal condition, prolong the longevity, and ensure the professionals can maximize the results of their efforts, routinely vacuum and tend to spills immediately.
“W”: Frequently used on upholstery on furniture that get used a lot such as couches and dining room chairs, this fabric is highly durable and the W mark indicates water and other liquids can be used for cleaning. Use your favorite approved department store premade upholstery/carpet cleaners or your DIY cleaners to effectively clean your upholstery. Be sure to always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous place to ensure it does not compromise the colors or integrity of your upholstery.

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Your upholstery should be cleaned every 6-12 months by a professional as part as it the routine maintenance to keep your upholstery looking vibrant and smelling fresh. Call Tough Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your upholstery cleaning!

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