How to Revive & Restore Old Flat, Matted Carpet Pile & Fibers in Anthem, NV High Traffic Areas

Over time, carpets look worn and old due to the constant abuse they are subjected to. The foot traffic of dirty shoes, daily activities of the kids, routine accidental spills, accumulation of odors, pet accidents and play, and other such contributions collectively deteriorate the carpets. Even with diligent vacuuming, carpets can still take on the wear of the day and before too long, they look ragged. More often than not, homeowners don’t notice the odors building up or the stain collection covering the carpets, or that the layers of dirt and debris deep beneath the surface has made the carpets look dingy, dull, and lifeless until one day it’s staring them back at them in the face and the odors assault them as they walk into the abode after hours of being away. Once you realize the how decrepit the carpets are, you may toy with the idea of replacing them. However, replacing carpets can cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you can revitalize your carpets with a deep carpet cleaning. With that in mind, we at Tough Carpet leaning would like to address how the deep carpet cleaning breathes life back into your carpets.

How to Fluff Matted Carpet

1) Carpet stains are extracted. The coffee you spilled months ago that was next to impossible to remove, the accident the dog had while you were unexpectedly away for the day, and other such stains are aggravating reminders that your carpets have unsightly stains that you can’t get out no matter what “trick” you find online. The longer spills sit, the harder they are to remove. A common solution is to toss an area rug over the spots and stains but before too long, the rug will share the same faint. Where home remedies and store bought cleaners may not always be successful at removing the stubborn stains, professional deep carpet cleaning services can cut through the toughest stains and remove those stains to restore the carpets back to their original shine.
2) Carpet odors are removed. All too often the substances that case stains also have odors attached to them. Additional factors can cause the carpets to accumulate odors and though you may mask the odors for a time, or perhaps not even notice them at first time, eventually the odors will become dominate. Professional deep carpet cleaning takes care of the odors at the source to ensure the odors are covered up, but eliminated to make your carpets fresh.
3) Deep rooted dirt and debris is lifted. As diligent as you may be at vacuuming, you can never get 100% of the dirt, dust, pollutants, allergens and other contaminants that are rooted in the carpet fibers. Vacuuming can remove most of the surface debris, but unless you are vacuuming 24/7, it is impossible to get it all, leaving the rest to filter the bottom of the fibers. With powerful equipment and products, the deep carpet cleaning can get the carpets looking vibrant and bright again.
4) Carpet fibers are restored. Furniture left in any given spot for too long will leave behind major impressions. Fibers will also become matted by the compacted layers of compacted dirt and debris. A simple deep clean will get the fibers reformed to their original state.

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As a professional deep carpet cleaning takes care of the primary elements, the end results leaves your carpets rejuvenated and your carpets are revived. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for replacements, call Tough Carpet Cleaning and our technicians will breathe life back into your carpets removing the stains, neutralizing the odors, and extracting the filth, leaving them clean and fresh.

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