How to Get Old Blood Stains Out of Carpet When it is Wet or Dry in Sunrise Manor, NV

When you are making the list of chores that need to be done in your home it can seem endless. Once you do a chore it really just goes right back on the list to be done again a few days later. That is just the way it goes when you live in a home. The carpets are a part of the chores that need to be taken care of on a regular basis. They need to be vacuumed to make sure that the dirt and debris is removed from them. If you allow the dirt to stay on the carpets it can start to make it become mashed in and saturated. The vacuum is a great way to keep them clean enough in between waiting to have them cleaned professionally. There are some stains that are quite hard to take care of and clean. One of them being blood. You want to make sure that you take care of the blood stain in the correct way so that you don’t end up setting the stain into the carpet fibers.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Best Method to Use to Remove Blood from Carpets

How Did Blood Get On Your Carpet?: The way that the blood got on your carpet is not really dependent on how you would clean it. Although it does not matter it is good to know some of the common ways that blood can get on your carpets. One way is from something that has happened to most of us at some point in our lives. Getting a bloody nose is something that can happen from cold, dry weather or an injury. The blood from your nose will start to drip quickly and often the person is not aware until it is too late. That means that there can be drips of blood on your carpet that you then need to clean up. There are other injuries that will require you to clean them as well.
Use Cold Water to Remove Blood from Carpet: When you are ready to clean the stain it is important to get to the stain as quick as you can. The longer the blood has to sit in the carpet the harder it will be to remove without the help of a professional carpet cleaner. Be sure that you start with cold water when treating a blood stain because the warmer water will set the stain. Get cold water on a rag and press into the spot. This will help to loosen up the blood so it can be treated.
Use Peroxide to Treat Blood on Carpet: The next step you want to take when you are trying to get blood out of the carpet is to use a product that will bubble and agitate the area. Hydrogen peroxide will do the trick. You want to saturate a cloth then use it to dab at the spot. Allow the bubbling action to work by lifting the blood. Then you can use a clean cloth to remove the remaining color.

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