Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Code Symbols; How to Deep Clean a Couch or Sofa in Spring Valley, NV

Furniture, much like the rest of your home, will need to be cleaned. Your upholstery will get stains, dirt, and for those with pets, pet hair gets all over them. You can actually ruin your upholstery if it is not cleaned correctly. Where your home furniture can be quite an investment, you will want to make sure you clean your upholstery correctly to extend the life and look of your furniture. Tough Carpet Cleaning will share a few tips on how to clean and care for your home’s upholstery.

Clean Upholstery Stains ASAP

The first rule when it comes to maintaining clean upholstery is to clean stains as soon as they occur. It is much harder to clean stains the longer they set on the upholstery. At the same time, it is important to act safely. Also keep in mind that when you clean a stain whether large or small, never scrub. Regardless as to the size of the stain, blot at the stain or you can cause a bigger stain to occur. Next, before you clean your upholstery, it is important to know what cleaner is safe for your furniture’s upholstery. There are two major factors. One is the type of fabric or material used for your upholstery. The second is the type of spill or stain that just occurred.

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Code Symbols

There are a number of materials used for upholstery such as wool, cotton, silks, acetate, rayon, olefin, linen and acrylic. Additionally, the type of dye also plays a major role. Because upholstery can be so diverse, most furniture comes with a tag that helps direct how the upholstery should be cleaned. Most upholstery tags will have a cleaning code: Below is how to read the codes.
W – Clean the upholstery material using water-based detergent.
S – Clean the upholstery material using water free products. (Dry Cleaning Solvents)
WS – Clean the upholstery with either a water base detergent or one that is water free. Both cleaning options will work on WS upholstery which is why it is the recommend types of fabric for upholstery.
X – If the tag reads (X) these types of upholstery must be cleaned by a professional. If you own furniture with an (X) types of fabric only vacuum and brush this fabric and leave cleaning the fabric to a professional upholstery cleaner.

Tips for How to Clean a Polyester or Other Fabric Couch

Before cleaning any upholstery, you will want to thoroughly vacuum it first to prevent dirt and other debris from sneaking down into the furniture. Additionally, avoid using tap water or it can leave behind mineral stains that look like white rings. Also use distilled water. Before soaking your upholstery with any cleaner, it is best to test a discrete area first. This will help you see how the cleaner will react to the material and the dyes. Often upholstery can become discolored from incorrect cleaners. If you’re not sure if you’re using the correct cleaner test it first.

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When your upholstery needs a major or deep cleaning, it pays to use a professional. Most upholstery professionals are well trained in knowing the tag codes, what cleaner works best for the fabric and the stain. We also come equipped with state of the art cleaning equipment that can clean your upholstery more efficiently. If you need your upholstery professionally cleaned, contact Tough Carpet Cleaning and schedule our services today.

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