Tile & Grout Cleaning in Paradise, NV with Powdered Oxygen Bleach, Baking Soda, Vinegar & More

Despite being one of the most durable and easily maintainable surfaces, it can be a challenge to prevent the grout from looking dingy and the tile looking dull. With professional cleaning one to two times a year and diligent cleaning efforts, you can keep your tile and grout remarkable. Because grout is especially porous, it absorbs moisture, soil, and stains and offers the perfect location for mildew and even mold to grow. To offer a deeper clean, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning has listed a few methods to get the tile and grout looking its best.

Cleaning Tile Floors with Powdered Oxygen Bleach

1) Blend together two Tbsp of oxygenated bleach and two cups of warm water and make certain it is completely dissolved.
2) For strategic and organized cleaning, use grid pattern sectioning for concoction application; let it sit for approximately 15 minutes. Be especially attentive around the edges and corners and use a nylon brush and/or toothbrush, scrub the surface with circular motions.
3) If any tougher stains persist, lightly dust the area with oxygenated bleach and scrub.
4) Be sure to rinse the area well using a damp cloth.
5) With clean towel, dry the surface.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Dish Soap & Baking Soda Tile Cleaning Solution

These three ingredients combined can be beneficial to tile and grout due to the following:
Dish soap: Loosens compacted dirt and cuts through grease buildup.
Baking soda: A natural and safe abrasive, perfect for scrubbing grout.
Hydrogen peroxide: By producing bleaching oxygen ions by combining baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, stains are easily removed and it looks brighter.
1) To make a thick mix, carefully mix ¾ cup baking soda, ¼ cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tbsp dish soap.
2) Apply a thick layer of paste over the grout and smear it over the tile using your fingers protected by durable cleaning gloves; let it sit for at least 10 minutes.
3) Using circular motions agitate the surface with a nylon brush, or designated toothbrush for the corners and edges.
4) Let the mixture sit for an additional 15 minutes following the agitation of the mixture to let more of the paste break through the more of the buildup.
5) Wipe up any remaining moisture with a dry towel.

Cleaning Tile & Grout with Baking Soda & Vinegar

1) Create a thick paste by carefully mixing about 1 part water into 3 parts baking soda. Use your fingers protected by durable cleaning gloves to apply a layer of paste to the grout and smear into the tiles. Allow it to sit and prepare the next formula.
2) Spray generously a mixture of equal parts warm water and vinegar over the surface of the tile and particularly the grout.
3) When the bubbling should stops, about 5 minutes after the application, scrub using circular motions with nylon bristle brush and a toothbrush for the corners and edges.
4) Wipe down to rinse the surface with a damp cloth.
5) Ensure the area is dry using a towel.

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To keep your grout bright and your tile shiny, call in the experts of Tough Carpet Cleaning one to two times a year for our deep tile and grout cleaning.

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