How to Remove Yellow or Stargazer Lily Pollen Stains from Carpet & Fabric Furniture in Henderson, NV

With the season of love upon us, chances are you have a beautiful floral arrangement currently being admired atop your counters or table. Flowers are a great expression of love and brighten up any room. Several scientific studies have proven that flowers have positive effects on the brain by reducing stress and elevating our moods. They even help us to heal faster through their vibrant colors, uplifting scents and symbolism. It’s been proven that having flowers and plants in the workplace helps you to concentrate, improves accuracy, and even contributes to the quality of your work by relieving anxiety and depression.

Lily Stamens Hold Pollen that Cause Stains to Fabric

Lilies are common in floral arrangements because of their long shelf life and their vibrant array of colors that make any bouquet stand out. Lilies contain stamens that hold pollen in the center of their petals. These stamens are vital in a lily’s survival until the flowers get cut. After that they can be safely removed without damaging the flower. These stamens will eventually fall off and damage the petals and shorten the life of the flower itself. Even worse, the pollen can stain your clothing and carpet! It’s always best to remove these stamens right away by using a paper towel to pinch the anthers and remove them before they make a mess. If you skipped this step because let’s face it, not many people think of these things until it’s too late and now you have a mess on your hands, you’re in luck. Here’s a few tips and tricks to removing these stains from your upholstery and carpet after the mess has been made.

How to Get Lily Pollen Stains Out of Carpet & Couches

Lily pollen causes a dry stain, so traditional stain removing methods probably won’t work in this instance and may even set the stain making it worse. First and foremost, you never want to touch the stain with your fingers. The oils from your hands will mix in with the pollen and set the stain making it almost impossible to remove. Second, try using your vacuum hose attachment to gently remove as much of the pollen as possible, always working the stain from the outside in as to not spread the stain even more. Then use a piece of sticky tape and blot the stain to remove anything the vacuum may have left behind. If there is any residual pollen remaining, you’ll then want to move onto using a dry-cleaning solvent to blot the stain to remove anything that may be left over from the first two steps. If absolutely necessary you may want to use an enzyme based laundry product mixed with some cold water to get deep into the fibers and gently lift the stain. Always blot! Never Rub! Rubbing will spread any stain and create an even bigger mess!

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