Tips for Keeping Fabric Dining Chairs, Sofa & Other Upholstered Furniture Clean in Las Vegas, NV

Here at Tough Carpet Cleaning we get lots of phone calls to come out and clean our customers’ carpet and rugs. Homeowners are well versed in the fact that consistent carpet and rug cleaning help your carpet and rugs last longer and look nicer. Many times our customers forget to think about treating their upholstered furniture the same way though. If you want your furniture to last for years to come you will want to make sure that you keep it cleaned at all times.

Vacuuming Upholstery Furniture

One of the easiest things that you can do to keep your upholstered furniture looking good is vacuum it on a regular basis. Most vacuums now come with attachments that make it super easy to vacuum your couches and chairs. You will want to get every nook and cranny of your furniture. Crumbs, dirt, and pet hair like to collect in the deep dark corners of your furniture so make sure that you vacuum extremely thoroughly. You will also want to move your furniture and vacuum underneath it on a regular basis. Regular vacuuming will not only help keep your furniture cleaner it will also help improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Clean Spilled Water & Other Spills on Sofa Right Away

As you and your family go about your daily life you will inevitably have things spill on your upholstered furniture. The best way to get it out is if you act immediately. How you treat the stain will depend on what kind of material your furniture is made out of. Your furniture should have a tag on it that gives you a code that will tell you how to clean it. Most people are not aware of this. If for some reason you cannot find yours it is best to try and use water first to clean the stain up. If you can find the code here is what they all mean.
• W – Use a water-based detergent
• S – Dry clean or clean with a water-free detergent
• WS – Clean with a water-based cleaner or dry clean
• O – Your furniture is made of organic or natural fibers and should be washed in cold water
• X – Cleaned only by a professional upholstery cleaner
If your couch is made out of leather you will want to use leather soap and conditioner according to the manufacturer product recommendations.

Lint Brush for Couches

We also recommend that you use a lint roller on a regular basis. This is especially helpful if you have pets of any kind. Even if you do not have pets you will be surprised at what your lint roller picks up off of your furniture. You will pick up loose hairs and debris with your lint roller.

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Following all of the tips that we mentioned above will help your upholstered furniture stay nice and clean. The last thing that you need to do is have Tough Carpet Cleaning come out and professionally clean your upholstered furniture on a regular basis. With our expertise and special tools we can get out all of the stains that cleaning it on your own just would not get out. Contact us today!

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