How to Get Wet or Dry Blood Stains Out of Carpet in Enterprise, NV; Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide & More

When you are trying to keep a house clean you know that you need to have the right cleaning tools as well as cleaners. Each part of the house has a specific cleaning regime that is required to keep it clean. When you are trying to keep your carpets clean you need to be ready to treat all kinds of aspects. Of course most people know that they need to run the vacuum to keep the dirt and dust of the carpet. This is a great way to keep the carpets looking good in between professional cleaning. The problem is that over time the carpet will end up with a stain or spill that you will need to treat. Sadly your vacuum is not the answer and many stains require a specific method to get it clean. You want to make sure that you are prepared for some of the hardest to clean. Blood on your carpet can seem impossible to get out but there are some methods that work. Tough Carpet Cleaning outlines what is needed to get blood out of your carpet.

Why Does Salt Remove Blood Stains on Carpet?

The first thing that you can try to get blood stains out of your carpet is to make a paste that will soak it up. The best way to do that is to use salt that you can find in your kitchen. You can mix it in a bowl and then add water a little at a time until you have a paste that you can use to place on the stain. The paste can be placed over the area that you are trying to clean and allow it to sit for at a minimum of one hour. Once you can see that the salt has been dried out you can start to remove it. You want to pick up what you can and dump it in the trash. Then you can use the vacuum to pick up the remaining salt. If you see that there is still a stain remaining you can use a secondary cleaning source to remove the spot.

Removing Blood Stains on Carpet with Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want to try a second option to get blood out of your carpet you can try to use hydrogen peroxide. The best way to work with that is to use a small Q-tip or cotton ball and work from the outer edge to the inside. You want to use caution when using this because it has the potential to cause some damage to your carpet if you allow it to soak. You can always try and test it on an area of carpet that people won’t see first. You want to follow up with clean water to wipe away any excess after you get the blood out.

Cold Water Treatment to Get Blood Out of Carpet

You want to make sure that when you are using water to treat a blood stain you only use cold water. The hot water will actually cause the stain to set in making it near impossible to get out after that. You can use cold water and dish detergent to treat the blood by working it with a clean cloth and dabbing at the spot.

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