Removing Furniture Indentations, Deep Imprints & Other Carpet Dents in Tuscany Village, NV

The time of year is here where people are ready to take on the deep cleaning. That means that you are likely moving your furniture around and more to get to all the areas that were missed through the year. Spring cleaning is a way to start out fresh and clean up all the things that have been sitting all winter and the dust that settles. The problem is that when you start to move things and start to rearrange your items you might see dents in the carpet. These are a problem for many people and you want to make sure you know what you can do about it. You don’t want to have to look at the dents from your furniture after you have moved it around. The good thing is that there are some things that you can do to help reduce and remove them. Tough Carpet Cleaning outlines how to remove and prevent carpet dents.

Furniture & Other Causes of Carpet Dents

One way to help prevent a problem with carpet dents is to understand how they happen. The dents happen when you have a soft surface such as carpet that has a layer of padding underneath it. Then you go and place your heavy couch, cabinet, chair and other pieces of furniture on the carpet. Once you are happy with the placement of the pieces of furniture you leave them there, You may leave them there for months or even years and hardly ever take them out of the space. This means that over some time the heavy item will cause a dent in the carpet that is from the fibers being smashed. The dent is there and when you go move the items the dents will still remain. That is a problem when you go to replace one of the pieces or rearrange the room you are left with these ugly dents in your carpet.

How Do Ice Cubes Remove Dents from Carpet?

Sometimes you are stuck in the position that you have the dents in the carpet and they need to be treated. The best way to do that is to make sure that you know a good method. The best method is to take an ice cube and to place it on the area that has been dented. Once the ice has been melted down you can use a cloth to dab at the spot to remove the moisture. Then you want to take your fingernail and plump up the carpet fibers. Then when it has dried completely you can use a vacuum to complete the removal of the dent.

How to Prevent Carpet Dents

If you are doing what you can to reduce the dents in your carpet you want to work on the spots that are creating them. The dents are from the small feet that are on the couch and tables that are on the carpet. The best way to reduce the dent in the carpet you use a way to broaden and to expand the size of the foot and give the weight a larger spot to rest.

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