Pet & Other Carpet Stains that Keep Coming Back in Henderson, NV? Cleaning & Removing Recurring Wicking & Soiling Stains!

Having to deal with a spill on your carpet is just no fun at all. Now what happens if that same stain comes back? You are now dealing with a reappearing or recurring stain. It is not a magic trick or some special ink that you use to cause this. It is a process that happens to your carpet when there is an original spill that is just not cleaned up properly. The stain can be from just about anything that is able to get on the carpet fibers. The best way to take care of this problem is to have your spills and stains treated by a professional. There are two main ways that a stain can reappear on your carpets.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Outlines What Causes Recurring Stains On Your Carpet & How To Deal With Them

Recurring Stains from Soiling: The first way that a stain may start to reappear on your carpet is from a process that is called soiling. It starts off as a spill that is dropped on an area of carpet. The carpet cannot be taken out and cleaned like a t-shirt or rug so you have to treat it in the area that it is installed in your home. Once you have a spill, you usually get to the cleaning fairly quickly if you see it. When you go to the store and clean the spill with an over the counter cleaner you may be the one causing soiling to occur. If you are not sure how best to clean the spill and you end up over using the cleaner and you fail to remove all the residue, you are leaving your carpet open to a reappearing stain. The residue that is left behind on the carpet from the cleaner that you use. The cleaner is used to remove the stain but it must be removed from the carpet after the cleaning has been done. It if is not done right the carpet will have a layer of residue that attracts dirt very easily. That is how the stain seems to show back up.
Wicking Causes Recurring Stains: The next process that can occur when a stain reappears is from a process that is called wicking. What happens when a liquid is spilled on the carpet? The liquid has to go somewhere. The liquid will first hit the top of the carpet and begin to soak into the carpet fibers. Then the liquid will soak into the backing and lastly in the padding. When you go to clean a spill like this on your own you don’t have enough suction to get all the moisture out of the carpet, backing and padding. That means that you are only cleaning the surface of the stain. Now when that area is wet or moisture is in the room it can start to come back up to the surface. That is how a stain can reappear.

Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada.

The best way to treat any stain is to hire a professional to come out and clean your carpets and remove the stain for you. This is the best way to stop a stain from reappearing.

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