How Often Should I Shampoo or Steam Clean My Carpets in Summerlin, NV? High Traffic Areas, Pet Odors, Stains from Spills & More

When you have carpets in your home you know that they need constant attention to keep them clean and looking their very best. They are a great addition to your home and can be a comfort when you are wanting to relax or walk around your house. They come in all kinds of styles and materials that you can find to fit exactly what you want. The problem is that once you start to live in your house walk around the carpet they are going to start to get dirty and dingy. Now comes the part that you have to work continuously to keep them clean. Most people know that running the vacuuming and spot cleaning any stains is great but they may miss the importance of carpet cleaning done by a professional. When you have the carpets cleaned professionally, you can extend the life of the carpet as well as keep them looking great. How often should you have your carpets cleaned professionally is the real question.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Lists Things to Consider When Deciding How Often to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

High Traffic Carpet Areas in Your Home: The first thing that you need to look at is how many people live in your home. The more people that live in the home the more foot traffic and more debris is going to be on the carpets. This can be from food being spilled, shoes tracking in dirt and leaving bags and clothes on the carpet. The more this happens the more the carpet will become dirty and in the end will need to be cleaned sooner. If you are the only person living in the home you still need to have the carpets cleaned but you may be able to wait a little longer than a family of five.
Pet Stains & Odors: You might have gotten a new puppy or have had your cats for a long time. Either way you need to watch out for pet stains. They not only can be from pet urine, feces and vomit but it can actually cause some damage to your carpets if they are not cleaned properly. The stain can be difficult to clean up but that is really only half the battle. The odor that is many times left behind even after the stain is removed and it takes a skilled carpet cleaner to get to the bottom of the problem. If you have a pet of any kind you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaning more often than a house that is pet free.
Carpet Spills & Stains: Adults are much better at keeping their food on their plate and not spilling their drinks. They are also good at keeping their dirty shoes and hands off of the carpets but small children tend to be a little messier. They are usually the ones that will accidently drop their red juice or run their muddy hands on the carpet. If you have a home with small children you may want to keep up on your professional carpet cleaning. Contact Tough Carpet Cleaning for all your floor and furniture cleaning and restoration needs!

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