Best Ways to Clean & Remove Black Motor Grease Stains, Vegetable & Cooking Oil Spills from Carpet in Las Vegas, NV

If you see a stain on your carpet the best thing that you can do is to remove it as soon as you can. This is the best chance to remove the stain completely and have your carpet looking its very best. If you allow any stain to sit on the carpet for an extended amount of time it can become difficult to remove and could become permanent or need the assistance of a professional carpet cleaner. One stain that is difficult to handle no matter how fast you get to it is grease. Grease doesn’t need much time to set in and no matter if it lands on your clothes, couches or carpet you need to have a good procedure to get it out.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Lists the Best Methods to Remove Grease Stains From Your Carpets

What Kind Of Grease Can Be Found On Your Carpets: You can have grease from many areas of your life. One of the most common types of grease stains is from food that could be cooking oils, or grease from foods such as pizza or fried foods. You can also have an issue with grease from other things like cars and machinery.
How to Get Old Grease Stains Out of Your Carpet: You need to treat the initial stain the same way as you would for any other stain. You want to get a clean cloth and use it to blot away as much as the stain as you can. This will stop the grease stain from spreading and covering a larger area. Then you want to use a product that can help to absorb more of the grease such as cornmeal to soak up what you can. Then you will need to apply a dry spotter to help treat the rest on the stain. You can make your own at home by using eight parts of water, one part of glycerin and one part of dishwashing soap. You can take your mixture and put it in a spray bottle and shake it up really well before you use it. You will then need to get an absorbent pad that can be used with the dry spotter. Take the pad and use a generous amount of the dry spotter to soak the pad. Then set the pad on the grease stain and allow it to soak there and stay for some time. You will most likely need to change out the padding a few times as it works on removing the grease stain. You will need to be sure that you rinse the area off with water before you switch out the pad with the dry spotter on. This is the best way you can use to try and remove a grease stain from your carpet. The issue will be that it may not work and you have wasted time on making the cleaner as well as reapplying it several times.

Grease Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning in the Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada.

The best thing that you can do is to call a professional carpet cleaner to come out and clean the stains on your carpet for you including grease stains. Tough Carpet Cleaning is standing by!

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