How to Remove Easter Egg Dye Food Coloring Spills from Carpet, Rugs & More in Silverado Ranch, NV

Easter Egg dyeing is a tradition past down from the generations, where it makes fond memories and big messes. No matter if you are tackling the project, or it was a recent affair, you will likely find some dye splatters on carpets, rugs, upholstery, as well as tile and grout. Where you can blot it out if getting to the dye immediately, there are some cases where you will need to involve more steps that we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share for a multi-surface approach.

How to Get Spilled Egg Dye Out of Carpet, Rugs, Sofas & More

1) Rugs, carpets, upholstery, tile, and grout all need to undergo a patch test before you get to work; be sure to do it in an inconspicuous area. Safely and effectively remove the Easter Egg Dye, hydrogen peroxide is the solution of choice, but it does have a natural lightening affect. When there is enough time to strip color molecules or the potency is strong enough, it can fade out the color you are treating. To make certain the surface you are treating will not be compromised, do not skip the patch test.
2) Pouring the 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle can help you better control the application on the targeted area. In the places the Easter Egg dye has come into contact with rugs, carpeting, upholstery or the tile and grout can be moderately misted.
3) Let the peroxide soak into the dye for up to 5 minutes. Most of these surfaces are prone to moisture damage so it is important to not oversaturate, particularly if the surface has not been properly sealed.
4) Porous textures, such as grout for example, might be better treated with a toothbrush. As you blot out the dye with your brush or cloth, the dye will transfer to your implement, once cloth or toothbrush is encumbered with the dye, be sure to rinse it out well with cool water and it is well rung out.
5) After the dye is removed, use a soapy-water damp cloth to wipe away the peroxide residues, following that, use a water-damp cloth to eliminate the soap residues.
6) Be sure to wipe away residual moisture with a clean, dry towel.
7) You may need to repeat these steps to effectively remove the Easter Egg Dye.

Stain Removal Tips

1) Never use hot water while treating your carpets, rugs and upholstery, it can cause the dye to set into the fibers. As mentioned, never oversaturate the treated area, if necessary, use a dry towel to blot the moisture in between applications and rinsing.
2) When working with hydrogen peroxide, always err on the side of caution. Too much exposure to the peroxide can cause the surface to lighten. Instead of causing irreversible color alterations, it would be better to leave the peroxide for a minute or two and reapply later if it was not enough.
3) While you treat the upholstery, rugs, or carpeting, be sure to avoid scrubbing and rubbing techniques to avoid further staining, and only use blotting techniques.

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If you find the Easter Egg Dye stain is too much of a challenge, call in the experts of Tough Carpet Cleaning and let our professionals ensure that it is properly removed.

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