How to Clean & Get Dried Dog Vomit & Bile Stains & Smells Out of Carpet in Seven Hills, NV

Have you ever come across vomit or throw up on the carpet and not known where it came from. This is a terrible sight to see and worse than that is when you watch it happen live. Most people don’t want anything to do with watching someone vomit and never wants to be the one that has to clean it up. The problem is that if you allow it to sit on the carpet it can become and stain and the odor will linger as well. Even though you don’t want to have to clean it there are some tips on the best way to do that. You can use some helpful advice to make the process go faster and ensure that the area is actually clean. The vomit can come from a person or a pet and should be treated the same no matter what.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Offer Carpet Vomit Stain & Odor Removal Tips

How to Get Dried Up Vomit Out of Carpet: If you missed a person or pet throw up and it has sat overnight or even longer you still need to make sure that you clean it properly. The throw up is part liquid and solid mixed together and when it dries up it can be difficult to clean off any textile that includes carpet. You want to make sure that you start with basically chipping away the hardened vomit. This can be a spoon or a butter knife that you can use to chip carefully at the spot. When you chip away the vomit you want to make sure that you use the vacuum to pick up as much as you can. After you have gotten the most of the solid material off the carpet you want to make sure that you then start cleaning the area. This is by soaking the area with some warm water. This will loosen up the rest of the stain and then you can clean it with a mixture of water, dish soap and white vinegar. This can be soaked in a cloth and then dabbed on the spot. This can be repeated several times as necessary and to keep the carpet clean.
How to Clean Fresh Vomit on Carpet: If you happen to see the vomit happen you want to take care of the person then get over to the spot and clean it off. The vomit is fresh and that means that the vomit is not dried in the carpet. You can use a grocery bag to grab as much of the vomit as you can. Once you have this done you can then start to clean the spot that is left over. The spot can be cleaned when you use water, dish soap and white vinegar. The process is the same as the dry process while you dab with a cloth and the cleaning solution.
Vomit Odor Removal from Carpet: Now that the stain is gone you will notice that the odor is still there. You want to use an odor absorber to treat the smell. The best way to do that is to make sure that you use a product like baking soda to layer over the area. If can sit over night and then you can use the vacuum to remove the baking soda and the odor at the same time.

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