How to Get Colored Candle Wax Out of Carpet With & Without an Iron in Rhodes Ranch, NV

Life’s little messes can be a real pain, especially for homeowners who have carpet in their home. We work hard to keep our floors looking nice, but from time to time, messes are inevitable. Especially in homes with small children or pets. Candles seem to be very interesting to small children who just can’t leave them alone. That’s why we attempt to hide them or place them in hard to reach spots. But, let’s be honest, it’s not always the kids’ or the pet’s fault. Maybe we as the adults had a little accident. But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us! Point is, at one time or another, there is bound to be a mess. The good thing is, your carpet is not doomed. With a little patience, a cool head and a hot iron, your carpets can be as good as new again. Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to help you with getting that pesky, melted candle wax off your carpets today!

Method 1: Freezing the Wax Spill on the Carpet

You will want to start with this method if the wax is still warm and melted on the carpet.
What you’ll need;
1: An ice pack or other frozen item like bag of veggies or frozen meat.
2: A dull knife, such as a butter knife.
3: A clean cloth, or paper towels
4: A carpet spot remover, or homemade carpet cleaning solution
5: Vacuum cleaner with a hose and carpet attachment.
What to do;
1: Start by placing the ice pack or other frozen item on the melted wax to reharden the wax. Let is sit on the affected areas for a few minutes until the wax is no longer melted.
2: Use your dull knife to gently scrape the hardened wax away from the carpet fibers. Get as much as you possibly can off with this method. If it doesn’t seem to be working as well as you’d hoped, don’t fret, move onto method #2.
3: Using your carpet attachment on the vacuum, remove any hardened wax that you’ve scraped off.
4: After the bulk of the wax has been removed, spray the affected area with your choice of spot cleaner and gently blot the spot until the stain disappears. You may need to repeat this step. If the wax is gone, but a stain is still visible, you can use rubbing alcohol to gently blot the area to remove the stain.
5: After the area has dried, vacuum spot again to return carpet to normal texture.

Method 2: Melting the Wax on Carpet with an Iron

If the wax is already hardened to the carpet, use this method.
What you’ll need;
1: A clothes iron.
2: A paper bag (not plastic!!)
3: Clean cloth or paper towels
4: Rubbing alcohol and cleaning solvent
5: A dull knife.
6: Vacuum cleaner with hose and carpet attachment.
What to do;
1: Using your dull knife, gently scrape up as much of the wax as possible, then vacuum up the removed wax.
2: Place the brown paper bag over the affected area, then place your clean cloth under the bag, not touching the wax.
3: Using the warm setting of your iron (no steam!) gently place the warmed iron over the paper bag which is on top of the hardened wax and gently rub the warm iron over the affected area. This will melt the wax onto the bag, move the paper bag as needed to melt additional wax onto a clean area of the bag. Be sure to move the bag over the cloth so you don’t reintroduce the wax to a new area of the carpet.
4: Then gently blot the area with rubbing alcohol and place a new, clean cloth over the stain and again, use your iron on a warm setting to remove any remaining wax.
5: Finish off by cleaning the area with a spot cleaner of choice.

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