How to Clean Up Spilled Glitter on Carpet, Tile & Hardwood Floors in Desert Shores, NV; Vacuum, Sweep & More

Parents and children throughout the country are adjusting to having more time together at home. Kids are out school so that they can follow the mandates put out by the government. Adults are out of work if they do not work for an essential business. Everyone is trying to build a new routine that will keep their families safe and happy as fight to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic. Part of your routine may include some time for arts and crafts with your kids. There are many benefits to having your children participate in creative activities. Arts and crafts improve the coordination and fine motor skills or your children; allows them to express themselves; makes them more creative and productive; helps them to think critically; and more.

Clean Spilled Glitter Right Away

One drawback to crafts is the mess that can be made as you and your children participate in them. This is especially true if you are working with glitter. Glitter can be a gigantic pain to thoroughly clean up. Today Tough Carpet Cleaning is going to give you some tips on how to clean glitter off of the different surfaces of your home. No matter what surface the glitter is on you will want to clean up the mess as soon as possible. The longer that the glitter sits, the more it will get tracked to other parts of your house. If you are not careful you could end up with glitter in every room in your home. As soon as you notice a glitter mess get the supplies needed to pick it up and get to work.

Vacuum Glitter on Carpet

If glitter gets on your carpet you will want to get your vacuum out. Vacuuming will get up much of the glitter. Slowly and repeatedly vacuum over the affected areas for best results. Once you are done vacuuming you will likely still have some glitter left on your carpet. Now get some tape out. The thicker the tape is, the better it will work. Wrap tape around your fingers with the sticky side out. Then use it to pat up the glitter remaining on your carpet.

Sweep Glitter from Tile & Wood Floors

Go and grab your broom if you find a pile of glitter on your tile and wood floors. Sweep up as much of the glitter as you can. When you sweep the glitter into the dustpan we recommend that you empty the dustpan in an outdoor garbage can to help avoid further spreading of the glitter. Once you are done with the broom rinse off the broom so that it does not transfer onto the next surface that you sweep. There will likely still be some glitter on our floors at this point. Use a wet cloth to get the rest of the glitter off of the floor.

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When kids use glitter it almost always ends up on their clothes. The best thing to do is take those clothes off and wash them right away. You may want to take them off and shake out the glitter before you put them in your washing machine. Hopefully these tips will get rid of the glitter that you find in your home. If you cannot get all of it out of your carpet give Tough Carpet Cleaning a call. We can come out and get it cleaned for you.

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