How to Clean & Remove Ranch Dressing Spills & Stains from Carpet in MacDonald Ranch, NV

To enhance foods or an ingredient to create them, especially this time of year, ranch dip or dressing, is particularly popular as a condiment. Companions to meals, picnics, BBQs, and get-togethers, ranch dressing or dip is common. This incredible food is made from mayonnaise and buttermilk, along with garlic, salt, and onions along with herbs and spices. Fan favorites that go well with ranch dressing or dip include fried chicken, pizza, and chips along the carrots, celery and salads. The risk of marring your carpet with ranch dip stains are high with the vast assortment of food option and increased food gathering events. In order to remove from carpet, ranch dressing is one of the hardest substances. It can stain quickly so treating it immediately is essential because of the complexity, and the composition of the dressing. Making the room’s appearance poor, having such stains will be a major eyesore. We at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to share one way you can treat it in an effort to help spare your carpets of ranch dressing stains.

Supplies Needed to Remove Ranch Stains from Carpet

– 1 tsp Non-Bleach Laundry Detergent
– 4 Cups of Warm Water
– Squirt Bottle
– White Paper Towels
– Clean White Cloths
– Dry White Towel
– Preferred Store-bought Carpet Stain Cleaner
– Dull Edge Tool (Spoon, Spatula, or Butter knife)

How to Get Ranch Dressing or Dip Spills Out of Carpet

1) Being careful not to smash it or spread it on the carpet, immediately start treating the spill by scooping the goop off the surface carefully with your dull edge tool. Wipe off the remnants onto your paper towel(s) as you remove the bulk.
2) No matter if you chose to use the mixture or a store-bought stain remover, make sure it will not compromise the carpet, so make certain to conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous location. Following the directions on the label is essential if you use the commercial cleaner. If you prefer this solution, combine and mix well the non-bleach laundry detergent and warm water.
3) To let the properties of the ranch dressing break down, let it sit for at least 5 minutes for the DYI cleaners. You will have more efficiency and then process will be simpler.
4) In order to prevent the stain from expanding and work your way to the center, blot the outer perimeter of the ranch dip residue with a damp, clean cloth. Possibly spreading it and pushing it deep in the carpet, never rub or scrub.
5) After the residue of efficiently removed use dry paper towels to absorb any excess moisture. Use your towel to absorb the remaining moisture and any linger film left from the cleaner after you spray water on the surface of the area. Before completing this task, ensure the carpet is as dry as possible.

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