Deep Steam Mattress Cleaning to Remove Dust Mites, Dead Skin, Stains, Odors & More in Sun City Summerlin, NV

An important part of your every day life is making sure that you get enough sleep each night. When you do not get enough sleep, it is hard to function properly. The amount of sleep that each individual need varies but experts recommend that adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. One thing that can help you get the recommended amount of sleep is to keep your bed clean. Today Tough Carpet Cleaning has some tips for your on how to keep your bed nice and clean. When you start thinking about keeping your bed clean you may quickly realize that there are many different factors that combine to make up your bed. You could possibly have a mattress, sheets, comforter/duvet, blankets, pillows, headboard, foot-board and a bed skirt. All of these parts will need to be kept clean in order for your bed to be truly clean. Let’s work through some of these items one at a time.

Deep Clean Pillows

When was the last time that you cleaned your pillow? If you are like most people, you cannot even remember the answer to this question. Having a clean pillow will help you sleep better so today we want to share with you how to clean your pillow. First we recommend taking your pillow outside for a few hours every month to let it air out. Put an alert with a monthly repeat on your phone to help you remember to do this. Some pillows can put be in the washing machine. If yours can be washed you will want to do that twice a year. Even if you routinely clean your pillows they will only last up to three years. It is recommended that you replace your pillows at least every three years.

Clean Sheets

Each and every night you crawl in between your sheets when you sleep. Even the cleanest person in the world gets their sheets dirty with their natural body oils. It is recommended that you wash your sheets at least every two weeks. Many people wash them every week. If you do not currently wash your sheets at least twice a week Orange County Steam Masters recommends that you start doing so right now. Follow the guidelines on your sheets to maximize the effectiveness of your cleaning.

Comforter / Duvet Cleaning

In addition to cleaning your pillows and sheets you will also want to wash your duvet or comforter on a regular basis. Experts recommend that you wash your comforter or duvet every two to three months. Every comforter or duvet needs to be cleaned differently. Look on the labels of your bedding to find the best way to keep yours clean.

Professional Mattress Cleaning

The last thing that we are going to talk about today is cleaning your mattress. You will want to clean your mattress twice a year for maximum protection. Tough Carpet Cleaning offers mattress cleaning services that can help you perform this arduous task. Our experts can come out and help you clean your mattress so that it will stay nice and clean.

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As you take the time to keep your bed clean you should notice that you are sleeping better. A clean bed helps people relax into their bed and fall asleep quicker than a dirty bed. So make a it a point to start keeping your bed clean! Call Tough Carpet Cleaning for deep steam mattress cleaning and more!

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