How Hot Summer Temperatures & Activities Affect Carpet in The Lakes, NV; Sun Damage & More

Summer has little downsides. Most get to indulge in vacation time, warm weather, fun events, and more family time. Few realize the detriments that summer can do. One of these issues is the harm summer does to carpets. Understanding them can help you better prepare to stop it. Tough Carpet Cleaning would like relate some of those summer dangers that can harm the carpets.

Summer Carpet Problems

1) Microbe & bacteria growth on carpet. The summer generates more heat and moisture which promotes mildew, mold, and other bacteria growth. Moisture can be produced watering the lawn, sprinkler or other water games, pool activities, rain, or even especially humid weather and the natural warm temperatures are just a part of summer. Keep in mind that mold takes off in darker places, which can develop under the carpets. The carpets are likely damaged before you are able to discover the m old growth. Whenever applicable, utilize dehumidifiers to keep the humidity levels under control, ensure the kids are dry before lounging or walking on the carpet after their water adventures, close the windows tightly during the rain, and towel dry any liquid messes onto the carpets.
2) Allergens & insects. Summer bring seasonal allergies and high insect activities. Carpets harbor allergens and insects that can be brought in by pets, people, central air, and other methods.
To decrease the allergy substances and the tiny insects on the carpets, replace the air filters frequently, vacuum often, ensure the lawn, trees, and shrubs are kept short and trimmed away from the house.
3) Increased foot traffic on carpet. The kids are home from school and spending more time in the home. More people will visit during the summer and the increase foot traffic will track in the dirt, mud, allergens, pollutants, and other forms of debris and contaminates. Not only is the filth being dragged in but the additional wear is also occurring. Vacuuming on a daily basis is important to manage the soil. At the common entry points, invest in outdoor walk-off mats and sweep them off frequently. Consider implementing “no shoes worn on carpet” rule as well for extra help controlling the dirt being tracked in.
4) Sun carpet damage. Direct sunlight can fade the carpet colors. The fibers damage, colors fade, and carpets dry out due to the UV rays. The sun’s rays are more potent, and the hours are longer during the summer time. As this is a gradual effect, people don’t realize the fade until they move furniture around.
Keep your windows covered with blinds, UV film, curtains, and/or drapes throughout the year, but especially in the summer time to preserve the carpet integrity and color. To even out the wear, move the furniture around periodically throughout the year.

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In addition to your efforts to minimize the summer dangers on your carpets, call the Tough Carpet Cleaning for a deep carpet cleaning service and let our experts remove the deep rooted dirt and debris, contaminates, microbes, insects, along with the stains and odors to help your carpets survive the summer madness. Contact us today!

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