How to Clean, Shine & Maintain Marble Floors Without Streaks in Silverado Ranch, NV

More and more homeowners are indulging to the luxury tile option of marble tile. Entryways, kitchens, and even bathrooms are being floored in marble as a growing trend. As it is considered an upgrade to your home, with the elegance and beauty if offers, some are at lost as to how to properly care for marble. Marble is a soft stone and is offered a variety of colors and unique patterns. After it is polished, it has a mirror-like finish and its strength is ideal for flooring options. Marble fairly resistant to erosion and fire but when it makes contact with acidic compounds it can etch the surface and grit can cause scratches. The longevity, condition, and overall appearance of the marble flooring are dictated by professional maintenance and the maintenance and care homeowners give on a consistent basis. Today, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some maintenance and care tips for your marble flooring.

Marble Care & Maintenance Tips

1) Sweep often. Using a soft bristled broom, a dust mop, or a vacuum (hard floor vacuum or a standard vacuum on bare floor setting to ensure the rotating bar is not operable or it will scratch the floor) marble floors should be surface cleaned daily. As mentioned, marble is a soft stone, though it is durable, it is susceptible to grit and grime and if the sealant has dissipated, they are left even more vulnerable. Sweeping or dust mopping should be optimally done daily, but a minimum twice a week. Keeping it dust free is the ultimate glow. Dust, dirt, and mud are natural abrasives and simply walking over the top causes friction, resulting in unsightly scratches the will also contribute to the marble looking dull and lifeless.
2) Spot clean. Immediately cleaning spills or even tending to spots with a damp cloth or mop to keep the floor clean is recommended. For a more intensive clean, there are commercial cleaners that are specifically formulated to wash marble floors. Just be sure to read the label carefully and follow directions accordingly. Where many household DIY projects frequently use vinegar, it is crucial you avoid using it on marble. The acidic compounds found in vinegar are abrasive and will damage the marble’s surface. Additionally, any cleaners with acidic element and mild soaps should also be avoided. Stick with plain warm water or cleaning products specific for marble floors.
3) Professional maintenance. Professional deep cleaning and sealing services are essential as a part of the routine care of your marble flooring. With quality products and equipment, the floors are left cleaned and sanitized and sealing offers a barrier for better protection. In part with your maintenance, the professional cleaning is important and should never be neglected.

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