Taking Shoes Off in Your Tuscany Village, NV House to Avoid Dirt, Bacteria & More in Carpet

Shoes were made to protect our feet from getting hurt. They serve a great purpose outside, so we don’t damage our feet on sharp rocks, or burn them on the notoriously hot pavement here in Las Vegas. But they serve little to no purpose inside of our homes. In fact, some cultures see it is a sign of respect to remove your shoes at the door. The simple act of removing your shoes when you come home can prolong the life of your floors and keep harmful bacteria outside. Some of the worst stains found on carpets are that of those in high traffic areas where shoes are worn. When outside shoes are worn inside the home, you are essentially bringing in everything you walked through outside into your home. Leaving your shoes at the door can mean less cleaning for you because all the mud, dirt, grass etc. is left outside instead of being tracked through your home. In homes that have wood or laminate floors, abrasive soles will scratch up the finish on the floors leaving them looking damaged over time.

Dirt, Bacteria, Toxins & More in Carpet

Bacteria– A study preformed at the University of Arizona proved the existence of nine different species of harmful bacteria on the soles of people’s shoes, the average amount of bacteria found on the outside of one’s shoes was nearly 421,000! One of these harmful strains included E-coli, which causes intestinal infections, diarrhea, and in some cases meningitis! Bacteria makes its way onto our shoes in many ways, anywhere from walking through public restrooms, to walking through bird and animal feces which all contain the E-Coli bacteria. Bacteria can remain present and survive on our shoes for days, even weeks at a time!
Toxins– Toxins from simply treating your yard for weeds or insects are easily tracked into our homes daily. A study done at Baylor University found an increased risk of cancer linked to individuals living near asphalt roads sealed with coal tar. We drag these toxins in with us after walking through the street then they settle in our homes as dust particles. Not to mention the gross amount of toxins that you slush through on the street on any given day including gasoline, engine oil, coolant etc. Repeated exposure to toxins such as these can have adverse effects on your health!
Dirt– While dirt itself is pretty harmless, in houses that have small children or people with respiratory illnesses too much dirt can cause issues or even trigger allergies. Not to mention that small children touch the floor with their hands then put their hands in their mouths countless times a day.

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Going without shoes in your home not only benefits your floors, but it’s good for your feet too! So, take em’ off at the door and stimulate the pressure points on the soles of your feet, this will improve your muscle strength and flexibility! Sometimes, carpet stains are just unavoidable. When life happens, Tough Carpet Cleaning is ready to clean up the mess, they are one of the only companies who do both steam, and carpet dry cleaning which allows you to have the option in how you want your floors to be cleaned. Give us a call today and be on your way to a healthier home!

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