How Do You Remove Shoe Polish from Carpet in Inspirada, NV? Dry Cleaning Solvent or Nail Polish Remover

Accidents happen, no matter how careful you try to be around your home’s carpeting. High traffic areas of your carpet are bound to fall victim to a few unexpected stains from food to dirt to ink and more. Shoe polish stains can be tricky, especially if you are looking to remove this waxy substance from your carpet fibers when you are in a pinch. Most are unsure of how to go about removing this type of waxy residue. With this in mind, we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to offer a few methods to remove shoe polish from the carpet.

How Do You Remove Shoe Polish Using the Dry Cleaning Solvent Method?

As easy as following the steps below, you should be able to remove the shoe polish from carpet.
1) Scrape away as much as you can using a butter knife upon discovering the shoe polish stain. Responding quickly is in your better interest.
2) Blotting it until all of the liquid has disappeared as you use a dry-cleaning solvent to sponge the shoe polish stain. Make sure the dry-cleaning solvent is conducive to your carpets.
3) In a spray bottle, combine one tablespoon of ammonia, 2 cups of warm water, and one tablespoon of liquid hand dishwashing detergent. Keep in mind mixing unknown chemicals is not advised and can be harmful to your health, so be sure to use this exact combination of ingredients in your mixture.
4) Directly onto the shoe polish stain, apply this solution.
5) Slowly absorb the liquid as you continue to blot the shoe polish stain.
6) Once the stain is removed, pour an ounce or two of cold water directly onto the stain and continue blotting as much moisture as possible.

Can I Use Nail Polish Remover to Treat Shoe Polish Stains on Carpet?

Nail polish remover can be used for more than just manicures. Grab your nail polish remover and follow this do-it-yourself technique listed below to remove shoe polish out of carpet.
1) Directly swish a generous amount of non-acetone nail polish onto a clean white rag. With a treated rag, gently rub the affected area of the carpet.
2) Pour a bit of the liquid onto a cotton ball and apply directly to the shoe polish stain using a home dry cleaning kit.
3) Combine 1/8 teaspoon of liquid detergent with 2 cups of room temperature water. Make certain to use detergent that is a non-bleach formula. Use a white rag to blot the stain after you apply the solution directly onto the stain.
4) Take 1 cup of water and mix it with 1 tablespoon of general household ammonia while wearing protective gloves.
5) Continue blotting the carpet as you dip a clean white cloth in this solution.
6) With a generous amount of warm tap water to rinse the shoe polish stain and blot dry.

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If in the event you yield little or no results with either of these methods, the professionals of Tough Carpet Cleaning can help you answer the question of how to get shoe polish out of carpet. Call us today!

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