Is Spring the Best Time of Year for Carpet Cleaning in Mountains Edge, NV? Improve Air Quality & More

Spring is the perfect and officially designated time for people to give their homes a proper scrubbing and remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated throughout the year. The usual rooms that are included in a rigorous spring clean scrubbing generally include the bathrooms, kitchen and any other area that requires some type of de-cluttering. One area of your home that take the brunt of accumulating dirt and dust throughout the year is your carpet. Carpet almost acts as a magnet at times to dirt, grim and other materials that are tracked in from the outdoors. Carpet doesn’t just take a hit from materials that are brought in from outside, but it also falls victim to innocent or not so innocent spills and accidents. Tough Carpet Cleaning will clean your carpets this spring and leave it looking like new.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Another wonderful benefit of having your carpets professionally cleaned this spring is that the pollutants and allergens that have been trapped in the fibers of your carpet will be completely removed. Allergens and other materials slowly sink into the fibers of your carpet and any time your carpet is walked on, or disturbed, these allergens and other pollutants float up into the air, making it unhealthy to breathe the air in your home. This can be especially difficult for anyone in your home that suffers from an existing respiratory problem. Tough Carpet Cleaning will clean your carpets this spring and eliminate allergens and other dangerous pollutants that affect the quality of air within your home.

DIY VS Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners make the mistake of taking on the task of carpet cleaning all on their own. There are many tools that are marketed towards do-it-yourselfers claiming that they work just as well or even better than a professional carpet cleaning service. This is just as far from the truth as possible. When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service to clean the carpets in your home, the result will be night and day when compared to doing the job yourself. Tough Carpet Cleaning uses industrial strength tools that cannot be purchased at your local market store and these tools are the most proven when it comes to the cleanest results. We are equipped with tools that will remove every bit of moisture after a through carpet cleaning so you do not have to worry about mold or mildew being left behind.

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