Drying Carpet After Water Damage in Green Valley Ranch, NV; How to Soak Up Liquid & More

Most people are concerned about stains on their carpet. The stains can come from a child with a cup of juice, a cup of coffee falling off the table or a plate of food dropping to the carpet. Carpet stains are a constant problem in most homes and most people have a plan on how to clean most of them. There are several kinds of stains and often they need to be treated specific the stains. Gum, coffee and red juice are all examples of stains that have a very particular way to treat them. When someone drops a bottle of water that spills on the carpet most people are not that concerned. The problem is that water is a problem on your carpets and can lead to even bigger issues. Tough Carpet Cleaning explains how water can affect your carpet and the best way to clean them.

Wet Carpet Mold Dangers

You might think that a cup of water on the carpet or a bathroom sink overflowing are not enough water to be a problem. You might think that water damage only consists of a major flood of water but that is not true. Moisture at just about any level can be damaging to your home and your carpet. The moisture that comes in the house even at a small levels can cause water damage. When there is water damage to the carpet it can lead to mold and mildew growth. These are contaminants are a problem for you and your families health. You want to make sure that you are ready to take care of a water spill just as quickly as any other spill that might occur on the carpet.

Water Causes Spots & Stains on Carpet

The water is clear and that is why people assume that it will not leave a stain. The water is not perfectly clear and has sediment in it even if it is from a bottle of water. As the water dries out the line at the edge of the spill will still be there. That is because the sediment settles and will leave an outline of the spill. That is why it is important to have the water stain cleaned properly.

How to Clean a Carpet Water Stain

The water that you are cleaning might be a large area or even a small area. You also need to determine what kind of water your damage and stain is from. If you are dealing with water that has potential bacteria in it like water from floods outdoors or a overflowing sewer system the treatment will be different. If you have a clean water source the clean will be less intense. Clean water can be pressed with a clean cloth to pull out all the excess water. Then followed up with a mild cleaner to remove the left over sediment. If you have a larger area that is effected and you are dealing with bacteria filled water it is best to have a professional out. They can use their equipment to remove the water, dry out the carpet and clean any dirt, debris and sediment that is left behind.

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