How Do You Maintain a Ceramic Tile Floor in Downtown Las Vegas, NV? Clean Spills Quickly & More

When you put in a new floor you want it to stay looking great for a very long time. Ceramic tile is no different, you have to take care of it and you have to do certain cleaning guidelines to help keep that ceramic tile looking nice for many years. Tough Carpet Cleaning wants to go over a few tips so that you can keep your tile looking great.

Clean Tiles Quickly

It is important that when you have a ceramic tile floor, especially a new one, you make sure that you clean up the dirt, debris, and spills as soon as possible. If you are walking on your floor that is dirty with debris then you could end up scratching your floor. If you have spills that you leave on your floor it could end up staining your tile if you do not clean it up right away. You must sweep your floor with a broom at least once a day to ensure that you don’t have dirt that you are just moving around and scratching your floor. If a spill happens on your floor you clean it up by using 1 gallon of warm water to ¼ cup of vinegar for a natural remedy or you can use a special cleaning solution for ceramic.

Use Gentle Cleaning Products

When you are trying to clean ceramic tile you want to make sure that you are using gentle products on your floor. That means you cannot use anything that has bleach, ammonia, or any abrasive ingredients in the cleaners. If you use any of these on a ceramic tile it can ruin the glaze that is on top of the tile and eventually ruin the tile itself. The best thing you can use when you are cleaning your whole ceramic tile is to use warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. You can always use a special ceramic tile floor cleaner but water and dish soap work very well. While you are cleaning your tile you will want to use a soft microfiber mop. Do not use a sponge mop on ceramic tiles. The sponge mop will just spread dirt around scratching the tile. After you are done mopping make sure that you dry it with a soft gentle towel. You do not want to leave water on your ceramic tile it could leave hard water stains.

Do I have to Reseal Grout?

It is important that after you have installed your grout that you put a sealant on it. A sealant can help prevent stains, water damage, and mildew from growing on your grout and in between your tiles. The problem is that the sealant does not last forever so you need to make sure that you reseal your grout regularly, once a year is a good idea. A little trick that you can do to see if your grout needs to be resealed is to put a drop of water on your grout. If the water goes into the grout, then that is a good sign that you need to reseal your grout.

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Taking care of your ceramic tile floor is very important, especially if it is brand new. You do not want to put in a new floor and have it get ruined. Following these few tips can help keep your ceramic floor looking nice for a very long time. If you need help with your ceramic floors or resealing them then give Tough Carpet Cleaning a call and they can help you out.

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