How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle & Cloth Moth Infestations Permanently in Las Vegas, NV

Are your beautiful carpets in danger of harboring carpet pests? Yes, there are pests that actually feed on carpets and rugs. Most pest problems start with a wealthy source of food. Therefore, carpet beetles or other pests that feed on fibers will invade your home and begin destroying your carpets or rugs. Before you rush to call a professional, there are a few tips the Tough Carpet Cleaning will share on how to prevent most carpet pests and how carpet cleaning can treat this unfortunate pest problem.

What Causes Carpet Beetle Pest Infestations?

Any carpet pest can be prevented by keeping your carpet clean and free of clutter. Make sure you are able to regularly vacuum your carpets. Keep in mind you will also want to vacuum the majority of your carpets. If some areas are left un-vacuumed for too long a period of time, expect that to be the first place carpet pests will begin to invade. Having your carpet steamed cleaned every six months also kills any carpet pest eggs which also help to reduce any carpet pest population that may be present. Those who keep their carpets clean greatly reduce the chance of even getting carpet pests.

Carpet Pest Infestation

For those who have a current carpet pest problem you will first want to identify which of them is invading your carpets. Each type of pest will have a slightly different approach for treatment. The top three most common carpet destroying pests are the carpet beetles, case-making cloth moths, and webbing cloth moths. These beetles are very small and may require a magnifying glass to see them clearly. They will look like a tiny beetle with an orange colored shell with little black and white dots. Both moth species look very similar. They will start as a brownish orange larva and at full maturity will look like a moth with grayish wings.

Treatment for Carpet Pests

One way to treat carpet pests that work well for all types of fabric pest is to use Boric Acid. Boric acid can be diluted with water and used in a steam carpet cleaning machine and be applied to your carpets. However using boric acid can make pets and children sick, so after your carpets have been treated you will want to re-clean the carpet to remove as much of the acid as possible. Professional carpet cleaners may also have some suggestions on how to treat your carpets for carpet pest with far less risk to other household members and any damages to the carpet itself. However in the end most carpet pests can be avoided by regularly vacuuming your carpets and keeping them cleaned. Pests just can’t thrive in those types of conditions.

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If your carpets need treatments for pests or you are in need of a deep cleaning, Tough Carpet Cleaning can help keep your carpet clean and free of carpet feeding pests. In most cases once the carpets become overridden with pests such as the carpet beetle, it is best to replace your carpet before they spread to other parts of your home. To prevent or eradicate carpet pests, contact Tough Carpet Cleaning today. We will keep your carpets pest free and cleaner than ever!

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