How to Stop Your Area Rugs from Fading & Drying in Sunlight in Summerlin, NV

When you go out to purchase a new rug you want it to stay looking beautiful. You most likely have taken time looking through endless options for the one that speaks to you. Once you get it home you place it right where you imagined it would fit and sit back and enjoy. Once you have the new rug most people lay down some new rules. No shoes on the new rug and don’t eat or drink on the rug either. These are all set to help protect your rug from being damaged and stained. If you do happen upon a spill or notice some high traffic stains you can have the rug cleaned professionally. There is still another way that your rug can be damaged starting the day you bring it home. The UV lights that come from the sun are one of the elements that are bound to cause some damage to your rug. You want to do all you can to protect the new rug so understand sun damage is a great place to start.

Tough Carpet Cleaning Explains How Sunlight Can Damage Your Rugs & How to Prevent it

How Does Sunlight Damage Your Rug: The light that comes in your windows from the sun carry UV light. This light is the highest leading cause of carpet and rug fading and many people don’t know about it. The light will overtime come in through a particular window and hit the same spot of your rug. After some time the rug can start to look faded and the brightness will diminish. This damage cannot be repaired so it is imperative to do what you can do prevent it.
Sun Causes Rugs to Dry Out: The number one way UV light will damage your rug is by fading away the vibrant colors that you bought it for. The secondary problem is known to cause the rug to dry out. This will make the rug brittle and can start to fall apart prematurely.
How Can You Prevent Rugs Fading in Sunlight: One of the best things that you can do is to keep the sun off the rug. The most common area that sunlight comes in is from the windows. You want to allow the natural light in your home to help brighten it up but you need to be aware of where the rays fall. If you have a window that feeds sunlight down into the rug, it is best to cover the window with drapes or blinds. Be sure to have the blinds closed when the sun is usually pouring in that window. You can also rotate the rug that is in the room. Give it a turn so that the ends are switched. This helps to prevent fading and over wearing one part of the rug as well.

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