Cleaning Carpets VS Area Rugs in Peccole Ranch, NV; Construction, Fringe, Color Bleeding & Dry Soil Removal

Have you ever wondered what is easier to keep clean, carpet or rugs? Your house may have both carpet and big area rugs in it. Or maybe you are in a debate with your spouse over having carpet or a rug in the house. Tough Carpet Cleaning wants to help you know a few differences between carpets and rugs. This will help you decide what you think is better for you to have in your house.

Carpet VS Rug Construction

In today’s homes, most interior decorating does not involve carpet. Most newly decorated homes have very little carpet and just big area rugs in the rooms. This can come in very handy when you want to change up your home, giving it a different color and look. With rugs, they are designed to be mobile. You can take it and put it where ever you want it and how you want it, while carpets are made to stay put. You have the room you want the carpet in and it stays in that room and can’t be moved around.

Cleaning Fringe on Area Rugs

Some rugs you buy may have fringe on the end of it. Fringe is fragile, they can get all bunched up and torn. When you are vacuuming it can be destroyed by the vacuum sucking up the fringe and getting caught in the vacuum. With carpet, you don’t have to worry about the vacuum sucking up any part of it.

Dry Soil Removal on Carpets & Rugs

Rugs are made with a denser pile of individual fibers that are closer together. Which can mean that more dirt can get trapped in the rug. Making it harder to clean with just a vacuum. Sometimes the best thing for deep cleaning is going back to the old ways. You can always beat the rug outside! Doing this can help you remove all that dirt that was trapped in your rug. You can also give Tough Carpet Cleaning a call and they will come and clean it for you.

Area Rug Color Bleeding

Did you know that most carpets are single color? While rugs most often have many bright colors with intricate patterns. When you are trying to clean a rug, if you are using the wrong cleaners or methods to clean it, this can cause the color in your rug to bleed together or even start to fade the color. Leaving some sort of spot on your rug that you did not want to have. Since most carpets are just a single color. You don’t have to worry about the coloring bleeding together or fading as much.

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It can be such a hard decision to make if you should have carpet or rugs. You want your house to look nice, but what is the best thing for you? When it comes to cleaning, Tough Carpet Cleaning is here for you. We will help you clean your carpets and rugs and try to make either or both in your home look nice and clean like the day they were first laid in your home.

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