Carpet Holiday Stain Remover in Mountain’s Edge, NV; Glue, Icing, Washable Paint & More

In the midst of the holiday season, people are busying themselves for the specific holidays they enjoy celebrating. Those enjoy crafting and baking hobbies often incorporate them into the traditions of the holiday season. Whether they are creating for themselves or others, or simply to keep the kids busy with all the chaos and excitement, the crafting is underway. With the hustle and bustle, accidents are likely and there are some things that can stain carpets, especially if not treated right away. We at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to list a few of the most common stain causing agents that are frequently included in the creativity and how to remove them from your carpets.

How to Get Dried Glue Out of Carpet

1) Remove the mass from the surface with a spoon, being carefully to not smash any of into the carpets. For easy disposal, wipe of the glitter glue globs on a paper towel as you go.
2) With most glitter glue, water is the extent of removing it. Dampen a clean cloth or sponge and dab up the remaining layer of glitter flue.
3) In the event that water isn’t enough, moderately saturate a few cotton balls with rubbing alcohol and blot up the rest of the remaining glue.
4) If you needed the rubbing alcohol, be sure to follow up with a damp cloth to remove the alcohol residue.
5) Dry the area as much as possible with a dry towel or cloth.

How to Remove Cookie Icing & Frosting from Carpet

1) Avoid smashing the icing into the carpets, but use a spoon to scoop off the top surface layer. Wipe the icing onto a paper towel as you go to simplify the cleanup.
2) In a spray bottle or container, combine equal parts cool water and white vinegar and ensure it is well mixed.
3) With the mixture, dampen a cloth and gently blot up the remaining icing. If it takes multiple applications be sure to use a dry rag in between to prevent over saturation.
4) Once the icing is lifted away, dry the area as much as possible with a dry towel or cloth.

How to Get Washable Paint Out of Carpet

1) Remove any globs off the surface of the carpet with a spoon, being careful not to smash any paint into the carpet. Wipe the paint off on a paper towel as you progress for easy disposal.
2) After the bulky portion is lifted, use a couple paper towel and light pressure to blot up the moisture.
3) Use a dull butter knife to gently scrape off any dry washable paint.
4) In a spray bottle or container, mix well 1 cup warm water (not hot) and ½ tsp liquid dish soap.
5) With a clean cloth, dampen it with the solution and blot the paint out. If it takes multiply applications be sure to use a dry rag to blot up excess moisture to avoid getting the carpets too wet.
6) Following the stain removal, use a cloth that is damp with plain water to dab up any soapy residues.
7) Utilize a dry cloth or towel to dry the area as much as possible.
8) There are some brands of washable paint that may shift to a brownish color after treatment, if this occurs combine 2 parts water with 1 part white vinegar. Moderately spray the area and use a clean damp cloth and blot the other.

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