How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Inspirada, NV Home; Vacuum, Mop, Use Floor Mats & More

When you think of pollution, you often think of the air in a big city with smog and heavy traffic. Hardly ever, do people consider the fact that the air in their home is equally, if not more, polluted than the air outside in a big city. There are several pollutants found in the air you breathe in your home including formaldehyde, lead, radon and other chemicals found in cleaners and fragrances. Tough Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips to help you improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Try to Reduce Humidity in Your Home

You want to be careful when it comes to adding humidity to your home. Dust mites and mold will start to be a problem if your air is too humid. You should keep 30-50% humidity in your home to maintain a healthy humidity level.

Use Natural Home Fragrance Products

There are many candles, sprays and other ways to add fragrance into your home which might be tempting. These fragrances found in cleaners and other potpourri can fill your home with pollutants. Try switching over to mild household cleaners. Fresh lemon and baking soda is a great alternative to harsh cleaning agents. You should also avoid using any aerosol sprays such as hairspray, deodorant and air fresheners. One way to remove these chemical pollutants from the air in your home is implementing house plants into your décor. Their root system works to remove chemicals and freshen the air. Some great houseplant choices are aloe vera, ferns and spider plants.

Make Your Home a Non Smoking Zone

Secondhand cigarette smoke is one of the worst pollutants you can have in the air you breathe. Many people might not realize that cigarette smoke has over 4,000 chemicals found in it. When children are subjected to breathing this harmful smoke, they are much more susceptible to asthma, cancer, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other respiratory infections. There are several platforms that can assist you in getting over an addiction to smoking for anyone that may be struggling to quit.

Keep Your Floors Clean & Fresh

An important part of healthy indoor air quality comes from your flooring. There are several ways that you can remove pollutants from your flooring.
1. Vacuum Regularly– Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter and a strong suction will go far in removing dirt, dust and debris from your flooring. You should vacuum at least twice a week and clean the HEPA filter in your vacuum regularly to improve air quality.
2. Mop– Even the best vacuum leaves behind some dirt and dust. This is where mopping comes in to capture any lingering allergens left behind.
3. Use Floor Mats– At each entryway in your home, should be a floor mat. These will pick up any dirt or debris left on your shoes before entering your home.

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Having the professionals at Tough Carpet Cleaning deep clean your carpets at least twice a year will remove dirt and other allergens from your flooring to help you improve your indoor air quality. Call us today!

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