What Spots or Stains Cannot Be Removed from Carpet Easily in The Lakes, NV? Fertilizer, Dye, Bleach & More

Not all stains are the same, as many homeowners can likely agree on. Where others can present a challenge, and few seem impossible, some can be easily removed. Some stains just can’t be beat, even for professionals, no matter the approach, which chemical you use, technique, or how many time you do it. Professionals can successfully remove more stubborn stains than the laymen, however. They can quickly become stain that is permanent if not promptly treated, though most substances are removable. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, there are some situations that will result in a permanent stain and we at Tough Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss these circumstances.
Cautionary Note: Warnings provided by carpet manufacturers be read and understood is essential to properly care for your carpets. Call a professional if you are ever in doubt, since carpets comprised of natural comprised fibers and/or even specific dyes may require special treatment to get cleaned.

Hard to Remove Carpet Stains

In addition to these below substances, bleach, or bleach related products will permanently alter your carpet’s color that no DIY method or professional cleaning can remove.
– Plant fertilizers
– Mustard containing turmeric
– Long-term pet urine stains
– Iodine
– Insecticide
– Hair dye
– Chlorinated bleach
– Alkaline-based drain cleaner
– Acne medication
– Acidic-based toilet bowl cleaner
The reason that certain chemicals will alter the carpet’s color and fiber is that nylon has dye sites that take color, similarly to human hair. It can be compromised in contact with the wrong chemicals since carpet is also made up of plastic which is made from products similar to plastic water bottles that can be compromised. A carpet repair specialist can help in some cases.

Professional Carpet Stain Removal

It is incredibly beneficial for professionals to remove stains and provide a deep clean to your carpets. Sometimes even successful in treating fresh spills, though the DIY method can be of assistance. Because most reputable carpet cleaning companies will honestly inform you if there is a stain that is impossible to remove, trusting your carpet with a professional can ensure the stains are removed. Using effective detergents and high-powered equipment that can cut through stains, combat odors, and extract the deep compacted dirt, professionals are better equipped.
As with their training and expertise that can assess a unique problem and find optimal solutions, carpet cleaning professionals are beneficial for a number of ways. With the use of powerful equipment and quality products, understanding the composition of the different types of carpet fibers and the dyes maximizes our effectiveness. Removing any spots and stains and neutralizing the odors is the most optimal way to keep your carpets clean by having a professional keeping your carpets clean all in all.

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Carpets should be cleaned at least once a year, perhaps twice, depending on the foot traffic, indoor pets, accident rate, and so on. The carpets will be in prime condition and last to their projected lifespan and potentially longer, all the while looking incredible in addition to professionals getting the carpets free of spots and stains. Call Tough Carpet Cleaning today if you are having problems with stains on your carpets, or if you simply due for a deep cleaning.

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